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Just a general question on the 747 and MD-11

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Hello people, I have a general question regarding the 747 and MD-11: how do they compare? Which one is more complex and better simulated? I have got to say I like both, besides I would be getting the MCP module from CP Flight for the 747, something which is not available for the MD-11. Sure, I can always learn both, and it is exactly what I will eventually do, at due time, but if I want have to pick one, what would you suggest? I know the 747 is coming out with a 2.0 version, and talking about that is too soon, so let's start with what we have now. Any suggestions and inputs will be appreciated,


Enrico :smile:

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747 and MD-11: how do they compare? Which one is more complex and better simulated?


The MD-11 has fully automatically and manually controlled hydraulic, electrical, pneumatic, fuel, and pressurization systems. Basically, in a fully reliable aircraft, ensure the switches are in automatic and the systems will control themselves from cold and dark to shutdown. I would recommend operating the systems in manual mode (even though it isn't exactly SOP) and give yourself some entertainment during cruise on a 14 hour flight.


The autoflight system and flight management system are not like Boeing or Airbus. It will require some reading (at least the introduction and tutorials (one is available on the PMDG website) on your part. The aircraft autotrims itself to provide stability so you will not have to really trim the aircraft.


The 744 is sort of like any other Boeing. The FMS is similar to other Boeings. The fuel system is a bit on the complex side. You may have to balance fuel using different pumps and crossfeed valves but it isn't too hard. The electrical and pneumatic systems are more or less set it and forget it.


The 744 is also showing her age a bit. If you are expecting a 744 up to the standards set by the NGX, you aren't going to get it for another indefinite amount of years. If fairness, so is the MD-11, but not as seasoned (for lack of a better word).


what would you suggest?


Honestly, if you are looking for systems programming and a challenge (flying the Douglas way is different than the Boeing way) I would strongly recommend the MD-11. If you are looking for a 875,000 pound bird with enough systems programming to do it justice to fly across the word, I would recommend the 744 V2.

Kenny Lee
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My 2 cents:


Both are complex and simulated to a large extent. To me the MD-11 appears to be a good deal more complex than the B744.


There's no v2 of the MD-11 on the horizon and the B744 is a bit aged (still a very fine bird, a pleasure to fly and not really a strain on my system, even though the coding is a bit older).


With a v2 of the B744 coming up, I recommend the MD-11 - or you simply might get them both and compare for yourself! ;-)

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I have to agree with the above,


I prefer the 747 by miles and miles, but a new one is on the horizon. So it is up to you. Go on the aircraft you prefer in the real world.

Alex Ridge

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I might add this:


The B744 is pretty much one of those Boeing aircraft. It adds a lot to your hangar but not as much as a MD-11. Working the A/P of the MD-11 is quite different from Boeing (and from Airbus!); it can rather be compared to the Fokker 70/100 (which makes the MD-11 "rather" unique).


What's new in the B744 (synoptic displays and more automation as compared to older Boeings) will be "even newer" in the upcoming B777.


The MD-11 has a huge degree of automation, plus the synoptic displays, plus a huge deal of checklist-like messages, alerts and warnings. Still it's a very unique bird in our flightsim world.


So the MD-11, IMO, stands out from the rest as a "class of its own"; while the B744 remains kind of "stuck" between older Boeings and the not-yet-released T7. (No offence intended! I got the B744 just recently myself - a long time after buying the MD-11, of course ...)


One more for the MD-11, from my point of view ...

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Thanks everyone, for sure I'll wait for the new 747 before making any decision. I had the feeling the MD-11 is in a category of its own, which was confirmed by all of you. I'll wait for the new 747 and see what it is like, and then I'll make a final decision. Thanks to all of you,


Enrico :wink:

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