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  1. PHXMD-11

    UPS Orders 14 747-8 Freighters

    Excellent news for Boeing and UPS.
  2. PHXMD-11

    Delta B777

    I think that 777 was just for spare parts.
  3. PHXMD-11


    You can find the manuals in either the PMDG Operations Center or in your FSX/P3D/PMDG 737NGX directory. The DDPG is not available to the public to my knowledge. You can find the 737NG MMEL (minimum equipment list) on the FAA website at
  4. PHXMD-11

    Father of the 747 dies

    He died a month ago.
  5. You need to manually reset the dial-a-flap seletor to 15. Yes. Unless you are returning to the airport after takeoff, those speed bugs are just there to inform you of maximum airspeeds. The trim settings in the FMS (barring incorrect numbers by you) are accurate. If you takeoff at low weights, the MD-11 is a very powerful machine and will require a high nose-up attitude to maintain airspeed.
  6. PHXMD-11

    PMDG DC-6B Price Error?

    Don't they charge outrageous interest if you don't pay it off though?
  7. PHXMD-11

    APU data on EICAS

    No. There is no APU data on either EICAS display,
  8. PHXMD-11

    United to Retire all 747s by 2018

    You loose an engine on a BA 744 and you'll be swimming in the Atlantic. Refer to Four engines does not necessairly mean safer. No it was political. The contest for a replacement of the VC-25 was the Boeing 747-8 and the Airbus A380. Boeing won the order. Why would the President of the United States of America fly on an aircraft manufactured by a French-based company?
  9. PHXMD-11


    You mind posting a link to the thread where Kyle says that so we can read it in context?
  10. PHXMD-11

    Future Development Timeline Speculation...

    Who said they were producing the 787 and 737MAX?
  11. PHXMD-11

    How do I contact Robert privately?

    Dang it, now I wanna call Jenny. I don't think Robert is in Nevada any more.
  12. PHXMD-11

    Autoland question

    Never a truer word spoken.
  13. PHXMD-11

    Dumb question, haven't flown it for a while.

    The airspeed indicator should read 45 knots while on the ground and below 45 knots. It should increase when above 45 knots.
  14. The J41 is not currently compatible with FSX Steam. Though, if you follow the instructions in post 10 in this thread ( the J41 may work in Steam.
  15. PHXMD-11

    Pitch Autotrim

    Well, preflighting an Airbus is pretty much entering FMS data and pressing all the buttons with white lights. It's so simple you can train a monkey to do it,