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  1. PHXMD-11

    Delta B777

    I think that 777 was just for spare parts.
  2. You can find the manuals in either the PMDG Operations Center or in your FSX/P3D/PMDG 737NGX directory. The DDPG is not available to the public to my knowledge. You can find the 737NG MMEL (minimum equipment list) on the FAA website at http://fsims.faa.gov/PICResults.aspx?mode=Publication&doctype=MMEL.
  3. The J41 is not currently compatible with FSX Steam. Though, if you follow the instructions in post 10 in this thread (http://www.avsim.com/topic/469968-js41-wont-detect-fsx-st/) the J41 may work in Steam.
  4. The forward cooling system will go into override mode if the supply fans have shut down, there is low airflow, the EQUIP COOLING switch is off, smoke is detected or the FWD CARGO FIRE switch is armed.
  5. There's a max payload difference of only 26000 pounds. Though the 77F has a 1000 NM range benefit.
  6. Maybe when BCA starts offering the 79 in a couple decades. Buy me my ATP with a M11 type and I'll work for ya! I think their strategy is more buying/leasing lower cost airplanes that have proven themselves. What problems? Other than SWR111, the other incidents/accidents were the result of the pilots improperly operating the airplane. American, Delta, and KLM have all operated the airplane but haven't suffered any damage from it.
  7. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/361760-secret-project-1-this-one-is-a-classic/ He talks about the general development cycle and the DC-6.
  8. Holy crud. It only took someone 23 posts to post something negative about the 787. :rolleyes: Do I have to learn Russian to fly the Il-86?
  9. I cannot remember the last update that I made on Facebook. I never really saw the reason Twitter is even there, other than to destroy the English language.
  10. http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=98097 The files are included in the file.
  11. I think that information is Boeing's property and they wouldn't give PMDG permission to publish it.
  12. Yeah. If I ever buy an A3X0, I'm deleting that file. Wouldn't proper training make that call obselete? I mean, how hard is it to remember to pull back the thrust levers at 20/10 feet?
  13. Just enter it once. That tells the FMS you want to fly and maintain FL330. Pull the altitude knob to initiate a descent at the selected IAS/Mach. Just like the FL/LVL CHG mode on a Boeing.
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