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Changing aircraft registration letters on image with alpha channel

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I hope this isn't too dumb a question - but here goes! I would like to change the aircraft registration letters on my favorite plane (Carenado Beech Bonanza v35). It's the chrome version with tip tanks. When I open the image in DXTBMP I see there is an alpha channel - I assume this is the chrome effect. This also has the aircraft registration letters on it (in white) which makes the letters not shiny.

My question is how do I edit the letters in the alpha channel to correspond with the changes I make on the main image?



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This is, or may be, a non technical way of getting what you want. This is what I would try.

1. Open the file with DXTBmp and EXPORT the alpha channel.

2. Make your changes to the main texture.

3. Open the alpha channel that you saved and make the part where the numbers were the same as the surrounding area. Save.

4. Open the edited texture file and IMPORT the alpha channel.

That should/could/would do it.

If it doesn't, don't come crying to me! :lol:

Or..wait a few moments and somebody who really knows what they're talking about, will come along.

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This is where an editor that uses layers is all but necessary.


I would open the texture with DXTBmp and sent the RGB to Photoshop, without closing DXTBmp.


Make my changes to the RGB (norm.bmp) and save, but do not close norm.bmp..


Bring DXTBmp back up and send Alpha to editor.


Ctrl+A to select all of trans.bmp and copy (Ctrl+C).


Paste as the top layer in norm.bmp.


Now, by toggling the top layer on/off and/or adjusting it's opacity, I can see where I need to edit the Alpha. I can even use selection tools on the lower layer(s) to select areas of the Alpha layer to edit.


After finishing my Alpha edits I toggle all layers of norm.bmp off except the top one, which is the Alpha.


I can now select all, copy and paste back into trans.bmp, then save.


Now I go back to DXTBmp, which is still open, and "refresh after edit" which should update both the RGB and the Alpha. Now I can save and test.


Same results as Ron, with a different workflow.




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:biggrin:  If I can find a long way round of doing something...I'll go for it! tbh, I learned what I know of PS and painting by trail and lots of errors! Still very engrossing though.

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Many thanks to you both - I succeeeded in doing this, I think with a combination of the advice in both your posts.

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