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Suggestions for the 777

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Hello Bryan, I hope the SDK helps make things easy for you when you are busy coding FS2crew for the 777.


Knowing that you are currently working on this, I wanted to add some of what I'd like to see implemented.  As a long time customer, I expect most of the same features that have been in past products, and I am only adding items here that I have not seen included in the PMDG NGX module.  I understand that SOP is different among the world's carriers and you are targeting the "average" SOP of all the carriers for your target audience, but I am hoping that anything that deviates from the SOP you are modeling can be selected by the user.  Much like the ability for U.S. users to enable landing lights to come on at 18,000ft in the NGX via a simple edit in an .ini file.


- Wing lights.  I think many carriers put them on during runway entry/off at runway exit. 


- Runway turnoff lights?.  I have seen some folks say that these come on with the landing lights at 10,000ft (or 18,000 ft in the U.S.) to help other traffic see the 777 in the terminal area.  The NGX had them come on only during the landing phase.


- Have the copilot select ground air conditioning on gate arrival after engine shutdown.  I'm not sure if this was supposed to work in the NGX, but I could never get it working as it only connected the GPU.  I wonder if it was not allowed because the user may opt to use the air start cart instead?   Anyhow, it's kind of strange to pull up that screen after engine shutdown to add ground air when your module already correctly added ground power.


- Copilot select the correct flaps up bug on the PFD - this is wholly dependent on what the PMDG SDK allows of course, but I hope you can work out a solution.  Sorry to bug you about it again, I just wanted to make sure it's on your to do list ^_^


I don't mean to dictate what features should be on by default in the final product, I just want the flexibility to enable some of these or other customer specific settings easily in the .ini file without cluttering the "script" or adding undue complexity for others, the majority of which may not use these region specific settings.


Anyhow, I thought now is the best time to speak, or hold my peace. 


Perhaps others here can add features they think would add value to the final product.


A.J. Domingo

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I suggest that the briefings onboard to the passengers to do them more flexible.. Like other softwareprograms with crew.. people create language packs.


That is only maybe 6 or 7 files to intechange


There are two briefings safety and entertainment præsentations that would be nice to have be playing in the background with volume adjustment.






Maybe af file menu, where on can attach the files to the flights.


Then in some way implement a captain vocal briefing on the weather in cruise after the readings from METAR, and on decent the weather on the destination airport.


So much anyway - look forward to fs2crew 777





Copenhagen, DK

Jens Michlas
Frederiksberg, Copenhagen


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Runway Crossing: Strobes & Landing lights  :wub: :ph34r:

Safe & smooth flying,

Clarke Ramsey

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