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Just a thought, but I've noticed that a lot of folks have been screaming bloody murder that they aren't getting what they expected from Prepar3d using their FSX-designed addons.


As other have pointed out, some addons seem to work better, and still some seem to work worse when used with P3D V2.


I think it's a bit premature for anyone to dismiss P3D V2 just because their year or more old addon that was designed with tools meant to work for FSX (or even FS2004...) doesn't work correctly or better in P3D V2.


It is in my firm opinion that once addons are released using the P3D V2 SDK and tools, we will be able to see P3D V2 being used as it was meant to be, not in the duct-tape and bailing-wire approach we are attempting to use it in the present.


Anyone else feel the same way?

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:lol: FSX has had 7 years of continual tweaking and add - ons - and a LOT of people are getting their shorts in a bunch with P3D2 after 7 DAYS!  Right now, on MY system, P3D2 is not only far ahead of where FSX was at the same time but it is ahead of where FSX is now. And believe me, my FSX system is just as strong and stable as P3D2.


AS with FSX, different systems and different users will have different results. Personally I have a problem when I read a post that rants about how P3D2 is garbage and doesn't work, etc. Then when someone asks, have you tried deleting your Prepar3d.CFG file and rebuilding it? - and they get an answer - What's the cfg file? or Where can I find the cfg file?


These products are getting more and more complex in order to deliver what we all want - SO I suggest that SOME folks first learn a bit more about a computer before going off half-cocked.


Just MHO,



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Not to mention, the tweaking I did in FSX was to to just get it run in a minimally-acceptable condition.


P3Dv2 exceeds that at default settings.  The tweaking there is really tuning for preferences and to find the limits of your hardware...  not just to get it to work as more than a slide-show.


It is definitely a "x.0" release, as the problems it has make clear.  But it's not like a MS product that gets tossed out to you and then you and the problems are ignored for years...  LM actually fixes stuff.

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We also need to be informing developers of addons what situations are being encountered. Coming here and spouting, negative or positive may feel good but in order for us all to benefit, They need to know whats happening with their products.

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