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New P3d V2.2 Computer build

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Hi Ladies and Gents,


Been faffing around with computers and FSX, P3D and XPX for a long time, and finally want to build a computer good enough for P3D v2.2 (the best sim) @ high settings. I'm hoping this forum will give me a warm fuzzy that I'm heading in the right direction.


My build specs are:


Intel i5 4670k OC 4.2


8GB Crusial Ballistics Tactix 1866mhz Ram


Samsung 840 Evo Basic 250GB Solid State Hard Drive


MSI Z87-G45 GAMING Intel Z87 (Socket 1150) Motherboard


Corsair Hydro Series H90 140mm High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler


XFX ProSeries 850W Core Edition Power Supply - 80 PLUS Bronze Certified




Fractal Design Define R4 - Black Pearl


I Hope this will give me the performance ive been wishing for!


Anyway I can make this better please let me know.





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As you probably know the problem with new computers is that the next best thing usually is around the corner and it will make your brand new PC old in a day. So you can't always wait and you have to buy something sometime. Having said that... I've been waiting to buy a new PC since last summer and decided to wait until March (because new nVidia GPU's should be coming). However, since they didn't come (at least the new big ones I was hoping for) I decided to buy a new PC two weeks ago. So I read and read and read all about the latest hardware and developments and I discovered that...


1. this summer Intel will release so called refresh CPU's, meaning that the current CPU's will get an update. No complete new ones but refined ones. Now the interesting thing is that the new refreshed CPU's will get a new TIM which (in short) means they will get less hot when overclocked. They made this change specially for overclockers. So while you need a lot of luck to OC a current 4770K to 4.5 the new version (called 5790K) will (probably) get to around 5 a lot easier!


2. those new CPU's can (or have to) be used on the motherboards with the new X97 chipset and a big advantage of that one is that it supports PCI M.2 meaning you will be able to use PCIe SSD's which have a LOT higher speed than current SSD's (and seem to be cheaper too).


These two things made me decide to NOT buy that PC I wanted two weeks ago but wait until this summer. The X97 motherboards probably will be released this month already and those new CPU's maybe in June although it may take some more time (we may have to wait some longer for the K-versions which can be overclocked). The differences in speed may be quite huge and buying a new PC now, so short before all those new goodies will be released, would feel like a not so smart idea. Besides, in a month or two there also may be new nVidia GPU's based on the current ones but with more VRAM.


Again, I know that there ALWAYS will be something new around the corner, but I had to tell you about this so you won't be disappointed in a month or two. Besides... P3D v2.2 runs a LOT better on my current PC so I don't mind at ALL having to wait for few months longer!


If you really want to get the system you posted: it looks pretty good to me!!! I came across all those components when I was looking at my new PC a few weeks ago and they are top of the bill (although I personally like nVidia cards more). A few of them were on my list too. So it's a great system! But well, in a month or two... ^_^

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I'm hoping this forum will give me a warm fuzzy that I'm heading in the right direction.


Who are you?  Two people?  You sign your post as James but your AVSIM signature shows Jay.  :lol:


Seems to me that the computer specs in your signature were better (for example, going from an I7 3930K oc @4.6GHz is a little bit better than an i5 4670K oc @ 4.2GHz).  Not much difference with your RAM either (both are X.M.P.).  Big difference might be the MB's and SSD's.


AVSIM has a great Hardware Forum where we have many experts talking about computers system for FSX and P3DV2.  You might want to browse that forum too.


Now, a little off topic.... well, not really off-topic but AVSIM changed their signature policy to eliminate system specs and flight sim information in signatures and moving it to their AVSIM Profile.  So this is just a very friendly reminder as AVSIM is a very friendly place to visit (sometimes).  Here's the guidance pinned at the top of the Hangar Chat forum and, of course, under the Forums tab in the Menu above -  This way you can avoid confusion with your name.... :LMAO:   (okay, not funny?).


Best regards,

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Thanks for your heads up J van E, this has possibly put me on the wait. My only reserve is the added cost of the new components?


Firehawk44, apologies i haven't been on here for a bit of time. I used to have that system in my signature until about a year ago when my job took me on the move, I switched to a laptop. Now I'm back again looking to build a new rig, with a view to fly with a virtual airline.


Oh my names James. They just like to call me Jay at work lol!


Regards .

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My only reserve is the added cost of the new components?


I am told that since these 'new' CPU's are refresh CPU's prices will stay as they were. The 4790K is a new name though and I am not really sure if the price will be exactly the same as the current 4770K. Prices of motherboards should be similar to the current ones, at least not twice as expensive. Obviously the choice will be smaller at first and it may take a few months before there are more varied mobo's but I expect a good mobo for OC'ing pretty soon.

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I'll share something I have learned during the numerous complete builds and upgrades since FSX was released...


Unless the new tech is an immanent  release don't worry about whats on the horizon and buy what you can afford today.


I have nothing against new tech sometimes it's awesome but most the time you pay a premium for uncharted territory that rarely lives up to the hype or the cost.

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