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Aerosoft Night Environment?

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Has anyone tried to install the new Aerosoft Night Environment add ons into Prepar3d v2.2? Either the British Isles or the Dubai one?

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I thought that might be the case. Your Graphics Card is better than mine too. I'll give it a miss until I can get hold of a new 780ti. Thanks for the response...

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technically speaking NE is fully compatible with P3D, including HDR lighting (recently added support)

there is some issue which started after v2.1 and up; the issue is under investigation

it will be fixed with one of the upcoming P3D updates

once that’s resolves, all NE's will work smoothly in P3D as they did prior to v2.1

for now level 1 is decent for flying in P3D v2.2 (Base + Level 0 + Level 1)


since not all levels are useable at the moment

is the reason we are holding back with advertising support for P3D v2.1 and up

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I thought that might be the case. Your Graphics Card is better than mine too. I'll give it a miss until I can get hold of a new 780ti. Thanks for the response...

I have 780 and framedop makes NE unusable for me, even with lvl1. P3D2.2.

As for the look of lights - if you change colour to more orange, in my opinions FTX Global lights are much more better.

NE has 1 advantage - drawing lights distance.


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there are many advantages to NE beside 65Nm drawing distance

NE works over any Photoreal; including the ground splash!


NE light system can be tweaked to your specific rig and needs

i prefer not hijacking this thread with explanations and examples

we have a section here on AVSIM we can open discussion about NE performance

NE's architecture is carefully designed to provide you maximum flexibility and modularity


ive worked with many of our customers who were under the same impression

they were all blown away once i explained the architecture and how it is to be utilized properly

i am talking about FSX platform atm

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I understand your point but from my point of view:

1. I have tried NE demo only and all my thoughts are based on this demo.

2. I prefer the look of FTX Global -  de gustibus non est disputandum.

3. I have quite strong system and unfortunately NE was unusable for me - even at lowest settings.

4. FTX Global can be used with photoscenery too - there is only some vector roads scenery needed, like openVFR

5. FTX Global is actually for free, as bonus and NE is very expensive considering what it offers and how big area covers.


Anyway, I appreciate your addon and I think it will find many customers as it offers amazing and breathless draw distance.



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Thank you Frank :)

i was under the impression you have a full NE region; and was having some issues with it,


Berlin demo could prob use an update; as some of our element have been upgraded since

we added DX10/11/HDR support as well as new High Performance models


i don't want to sound like i'm pushing my work;

this is simply for your knowledge in the event you ever give NE a go again

we have advance user documentation which allows one to fully understand the architecture (AS sends this on need basis!)

and utilize NE to its fullest potential; if you have a strong SimPC

there is no reason NE shouldn't run smooth for you on level 3!


i can safely say; we have thousands of educated and very happy customers to date.


kind regards


Chris Bell

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If you could update demo with new performance and HDR features I will try it again for sure.

If it works smoothly with my PC and you release NE for Poland - you have new custmore definitely :P


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Thank you Frank

i will definitely consider updating Berlin demo

i was too busy with work i wasn't even thinking about it


you can expect DX9/10 native support

and our new High Performance models with FSX updated demo

for the time being DX11/HDR for P3D support will not be included until LM issue is resolved

(although current FSX textures will work under any P3D!

separate models and textures needed with P3D for full HDR support)


as for coverage in Poland; it’s on our list of regions we will render

it looks like our future regions will be dictated by the community votes

be sure to vote when Poland goes up on the list


Night Environment - New Project Your Pick!

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I see lineups for Australia, all states of the US, France, Italy..... you name it - but one of the first mentioned regions was Scandinavia - and it was pushed back due to the size... but really... Australia??? 


So do you know when Scandinavia is due? Please... I feel left out here, the region being mentioned as the one due after Germany back then...

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Dear Ole :)

you are feeling left out for no good reason

Scandinavia is lined up as i promised on AS ;)


I’ll let you in on our future plans

France and Italy are in the works as we speak

Austria, Switzerland, and Scandinavia are lined up next;

I’ve got a strong itch for Spain and Portugal ; before we start bombarding with US regions



yes a new demo has come up; i am considering a new demo for the US region

as the first demo does not reflect many of the changes NE had gone through; since it was released

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Hi Oliver

i believe it’s a Mathijs question

I’ve already submitted Dubai v1.1 to AS for testing

if I’m not mistaken it should be released this or the following week


the good news are

we are working on fixing the issue with LM's P3D

which im hoping will be resolved shortly



im secretly working on toggle switch that will turn NE On/Off on the fly

without touching any scenery folders or disturbing your flight

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