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  1. Breaks my heart. He said 90 days was a pessimistic view - only about three weeks ago. Anyway, such a sad waste. Rest in peace Tom - and thoughts go to the family.
  2. I have been using FSFlyingSchool for 7+ years and can only recommend it to everyone. It will enhance your pilot skills nomatter how good - or bad - you think you are. And with all the features the program has gained over the last 7 years, it will do so much more for you. It is very true that you get a 33% reduction of points if you use autopilot below 1000 feet, and/or in landing mode. this of course because if you want point for landing yourself - you need to land yourself, and not have the autopilot do it for you - or MOSTLY do it for you. But FSFlyingSchool does not change your ILS landings to Visual approach/landing because of not using Autopilot. Those two features have nothing to do with each other. If you file a flightplan, and fly the flight, then approach the runway setup in the flightplan (you can see this in the FSFlyingschool client program) and IF the runway is equipped with ILS (and you can also see this in the FSFlyingSchool client program) and your aircraft has instruments to read the ILS signal, then your aircraft´s instruments will pick up the ILS signal, and you can fly an ILS approach/landing, autopilot or not. Only difference will be the 33% recuction of the score, if you have autopilot on. The instructor in FSflyingSchool Pro will tell you "Glideslope is alive, so we will be doing an ILS approach" - then little after that "I´ll be rating our landing based on the current ILS signal, unless you lose the signal" So unless you fly off the corridor where the ILS signal can follow you, concequently losing the ILS signal, you´ll be rated ILS landing - regardless of the Autopilot settings.
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