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Sat-pics, HDMeshV2, World2Xplane = WOOOOOOOW

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Hi all :-)


All add ons are just breathtaking when in the air. Here LSZH from tdg, VFR's from Daikan, satelite pics with G2XPL, and all the rest, of course, calculated with World2Xplane!


AW139_1.jpg AW139_2.jpg AW139_3.jpg

AW139_4.jpg AW139_5.jpg AW139_6.jpg

AW139_9.jpg AW139_10.jpg AW139_11.jpg

AW139_12.jpg AW139_13.jpg AW139_14.jpg

AW139_15.jpg AW139_16.jpg AW139_17.jpg


And here ends the flight...


PC Specs: i7 4820K (WC), AsusP9X79, 64GbRam 1866, GTX Titan 6Gb Black Edition, trhustmaster warthog, trackIR5, ...


Find the latest status to 3D 4 World2Xplane Page --> http://blacky75b.wordpress.com/3d-4-world2xplane/

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