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  1. Just renewed my subscription.. Totally worth it if you taking siming seriously
  2. Will ask the captain on my next SAUDIA flight for the 777 Ci Cheers
  3. Wow. Suddenly it doesn't matter if p3d is better than fsx or that QW released a quarter update or.... All that doesn't matter now. That is how much our community Has been shaken by this terrible news. Thank you Tom for everything. And may he Rest In Peace. Bye
  4. Hey golyaht thought you could give us an update on your waiting list . cause i cant wait for the flynas livery anymore .
  5. 15 , been flying since i was 8 haha . at that time i had ofcourse no idea how to fly i remember not knowing what all the buttons do on a DEFAULT FS2004 747 (haha) and also recall taking off with full flaps and deployed speed brakes :LMAO: :LMAO:
  6. great video . the only thing left is the British accent so you can become the new froogle or maybe better :lol:
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