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Frequency Selection To Tower

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I am approaching KMSP (Rwy 22), ATC tells me to contact tower on 119.970. I click on Com 1 freq and key-in 119.970, but com1 comes up as 119.975. I check the INFO box for KMSP and its says tower is on 119.975.

I assume that I will not be able to contact tower due to slight change in freq that is showing on Com1. Thats what happened, no contact with tower.

ATC is telling one thing and Info says another.  I M Confused.


I check the FAA website and see no reference at all to 119.970 or 119.975.


Is this a problem with xplane data or Pilot2ATC data??

Or maybe its a pilot problem...... :rolleyes:


Thanks for thoughts,




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Hi Chuck


Firstly the correct Tower Frequencies for KMSP are:


123.95  (12L/30R)

123.675 (17/35)

126.7 ( 04/22, 12R/30L)

Taken from Navigraph chart dated 03 Apr 13.


If you open P2ATC Database from the main screen and in the ICAO box type KMSP  then press enter.  You will see the data for KMSP!


On the left box scroll down until you see 'TowerControllers   (Collection).

Click collection and a '...' will appear click that


This will open the 'ATCController Collection Editor' :o


In there you will see the number of members in this collection. In this case there are 4 tower controllers (0-3).

On the right side you will see the frequency that has been assigned to that controller.

So controller '0'  has a Frequency of 119.975...hahha  you say :P


Controller 1  has 123.95  which is correct

Controller 2 has 126.7  which is correct

Controller 3 has 132.525  but a freq of 132.52..that's OK...but incorrect. this should be 123.67 



You can change these frequencies if you so wish, but in this case they are correct. You can even remove Controllers, but selecting the controller and pressing 'Remove' and you can also Add them by pressing....I leave that one with you!!!


So we know how to find them, add them and delete them.


Now this is the bit I'm not sure about, so Dave will have to jump in on this. 

Not sure what effect it will have if you delete controller 'Zero'.  I don't think it will affect anything, but lets just make sure from Dave first.


Dave should be back around later on. So hopefully not long to wait!!


Hopefully that has helped.


In fact what you could do is back up the DB, both files (pilot2ATC>Data) then make the changes and see what happens. If it does not work then just replace with the backups.


Remember currently P2ATC is using a static DB, but as Dave has stated in the road-map, this will soon be able to read your scenery and then the AIRAC data.

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Thanks Clive,


Did not realize the data was static to P2ATC.  I just checked my x-plane data (via planG) and its correct

with the exception of #3.  I will not mess with it at all.  Had enough flying and software today, and will explore it again tomorrow.  So will standby as the updates come along.

Do thank you for your reply and its understood.



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What you experienced is normal.  Radio frequencies ending in .x2 or .x7 are actually .x25 or .x75.  Many radio panels don't display the 3rd decimal place and controllers almost always only say the 2 decimal places.  So when the controller says 119.97 and you dial that into the Com, you are actually using 119.975.  Pilot2ATC's Radio panel displays the entire frequency and this can be confusing.  Perhaps a change here is warranted.


On the database changes, you could change the frequencies to the currently published ones, especially if they are at your home airport and this causes confusion.  In most cases, you will be fine leaving them as they are and just using what's in the P2ATC database.  In this case, just use Pilot2ATC to look up your frequencies.


I'm currently working on the ability to update the database from the SIM data and later will work on importing 3rd party data, so updates will be easy and automated.



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Think your recommendation of just using whats in the P2ATC database is best, after all that's who is controlling me. Certainly had me confused, aircraft radio said one thing P2ATC another, but close.




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