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Recently I purchased ORBX Melbourne airport.

Is there any way to switch those horrible ground textures ( taxiways, runways, apron ... ) for default ones ?

REX4 is giving way better textures than those given by ORBX for YMML ...

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I have bought the same product and Textures are so bad that you don't want to fly in and out of this airport.


Taxiway, Apron and Runways are horrible.


Pictures of a product are showing something different what you actually achieve after spending that all of you hard earn money.


Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated or I will not bother with ORBX airport again.

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The (now very old) very first Orbx product, YMML, is textured differently from their other products.

It seems it takes forever to buffer the textures.


If you wait around for 5 minutes (literally 300 seconds) you will find the textures start to improve, bit by bit. Eventually you will see what the screenshots show you.

I have tried changing fiber frame fraction values and all sorts with varying degrees of success.


If you spawn at the airport, the textures right near you will be their best quality, but as little as a few hundred metres movement can get you back into blurry land. Come to a stop for 5 mins, the good quality textures will eventually "Catch up" to your location.


YBBN isn't as bad, but hits VAS much harder.


YBCS is much better, but the jetbridges don't move.


I like YSCB best out of the big class C airports, but it's old now, as it was released before the (now complete) main terminal upgrades were completed. The construction site is represented in its place (which was accurate when they released it, but since June 2013, the new terminal has now been opened.)


With any luck they upgrade YMML to use some of the newer methods one day. And with any luck, they don't even mess up the VAS usage like YBBN.


That said, YMML hasn't changed much since product release, and I reccon if I were to prioritize, I'd hope for a YSCB update first.

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Huh? I never had any of this happen, even back in the day! I know its an old product, and probably showing its age, but one might think, if only using this thread to judge, that it was total poo.

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Huh? I never had any of this happen, even back in the day! I know its an old product, and probably showing its age, but one might think, if only using this thread to judge, that it was total poo.


After 5+ years flying into YMML basically weekly, upgrading my entire system, tweaking cfg's and so on I still cannot crack the "Blurry textures after landing slowly resolve over the course of taxying in" problem.


The runway is fine, no issues.

Buildings are fine, no issues.

Taxiways and aprons, not so much.


I do not have these issues on the YBBN (or other products.) I mention YBBN because it's ready hard on VAS (PMDG 777-300ER will get close to maxing out the virtual addressing space, and sometimes OOM if I have all my European/south American photo-real scenery active).


I do a nearly weekly video flying to YMML on my youtube channel.


As I said, Never seen this issue at Orbx YBBN, YSCB, YBCS, or any of their regional airports, and I own all but one of their Australian products (Warnervale).


I have tried Fiber Frame Function, I have tried frame rate limiters down as low as 10fps. Texture pre-rendering and a host of other tweaks, and the only thing I managed to do was reduce fps in other locations.


When I did a google search just then, I typed in Orbx YMML.

Google literally auto-search suggested "Orbx YMML blurry" as the first suggestion




Here's some of my "Milkrun Monday" VATSIM flyin videos (Sydney and Melbourne airport and airspace is open every Monday from 0930z to around 1130z every week on VATSIM.)


Check out that wonderful runway texture after vacating the runway at Melbourne. It slowly goes from a grey/green mess with nary a yellow centreline pixel in sight, to a taxiway over a period of several minutes.




I have had this issue since I purchased the thing in 2008. v2 changed things so that the runways stopped doing that. Yes tried working this out with the Orbx forum several times over the last 6 years. 

I have heard many people that they don't have this problem. They usually provide a single still image as proof of this.

I can also provide several still images with the textures showing up perfectly. All I need to do is load the aircraft at YMML from the outset, or if I fly in from YSSY, I just need to sit on the ground for a few minutes before I take the screenshot.

If I take the screenshot seconds after vacating the runway however...
(No, those taxiway centrelines are NOT quite loaded up yet. they get much sharper. Just wait a few minutes!)

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I've had not problems with Orbx YMML - YBBN was my 'Waterloo' with the CTD. What are your system stats and what settings in FSX do you have?

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Hi Steve,


My system is well balanced and powerful enough.

Problem is not with my rig, as other described, YMML is old product with poor optimization for fps, and horrible ground textures.

Situation is a bit better when I switch off ground details - then aprons and taxiways do not look like covered with moss.

Most probably ORBX will not update YMML, as this product is too outdated.

Lesson for future - do not buy old things :-)

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I have a large number of Orbx addons and my system appears to cope very well with most well apart from YMML and, to a lesser extent, YBBN where I tend to encounter stuttering at times in both and if I monitor FPS they tend to be quite low.

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