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moving FSX

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Wanting to move FSX and related files to bigger hard drive.  Is there a way to do this short of starting over?  

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This can cause more problems than it solves sometimes. What I normally do is:


1.  Keep a backup of the fsx folder and any fsx related folders in your profile.


2.  Uninstall FSX


3..Remove any fsx related entries from the registry (back up the registry first).


4.  Reinstall fsx from the disks to the new location.


5..Then I normally copy my backed up fsx folder into the new one.


6.  Find the location of any folders from your profile and overwrite them with the backups you made.


May sound long winded but that has worked for me on several occasions without problems.


I've also used the registry fixer a few times and it's OK.


These solutions are fine if you have no issues with your fsx installation.  Sometimes if you are having problems, it's just better to reinstall and start over.


Some addons will not work though and may need to be reinstalled if they have their own registry entries.

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Hey woodbe...cianpars has it correct.


You need to do the clean install then copy over your full backup.


If you have Acceleration, you will need to do the reinstall as part of the clean install noted above.


Use the registry fixer to link in your old backup or copy of it.


Many products with configure panels are located inside the fsx folders when you did your older install.  You can simple shortcut them to you desktop or a desktop folder like I do called "FSX Configures".  They will work fine.


Some payware planes must be reinstalled for them to work properly.


Also, you WILL ALSO need backup your FSX folders below, then once you have your clean install just copy these back to their correct locations and all your scenery will stay fully linked into you fsx.  The fsx.cfg if tweaked will be here and will be essential for your fsx sim to work properly.  Also some addons like Orbx modify the dll.xml so you need that as well.



   - this is the location of your fsx.cfg, dll.xml



   - this is the home of your scenery.cfg and backups of your previous scenery configs.


C:\Users\name\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files

   - this is the home of your flightplans and saved flights info



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yep.  I should have said that after installing FSX, I always run it once then install SP1 then run it again and install SP2.


I don't have acceleration, otherwise I would install that too.



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