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Which Haswell E and GTX9xx for Prepar3d

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Hi everybody,

 I plan to assemble a new PC, essentially for Prepar3d.

I have no intention to use multiple screens for the time being.

Still I want a system that will allow to push the settings a bit and to exploit typical adds-ons (mesh, scenery, skies and hardcore liners).


A this point I have selected the following


CPU     Intel Core i7-5930K (3.5 GHz)

GPU     ASUS STRIX GeForce GTX 970 4 Go

MB       Gigabyte X99 Gaming 5

RAM    Crucial SR X8 16 Go DDR4-SDRAM PC4-17000 (2133 MHz)

Fan      Corsair Hydro Series H110

Case    Cooler Master HAF X

Power    Seasonic X-850 80PLUS Gold (850W)

HDD     Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 SATA 6Gb/s 3 To

SSD     Corsair Force Series LX 512Go

OS        Windows 7 Professionnel 64 bits


I am not that familiar with computer hardware. So, here are some questions I am struggling with.


1 - CPU - Haswell E processors seem to be not that good at overclocking. I read that for the system to remain stable 4.1 – 4.2 ghz is the max OC frequency. Still, I would prefer to go with an Haswell E as the X99 chipset should allow for easier upgrade in the future. Should I start with the i7-5820K ?


2 – MB - The Asus DX99 Deluxe is priced significantly above the Gigabyte X99 Gaming 5, but is apparently superior in terms of overall performance as well as ventilation. Is it a better choice ?


3 – GPU - Do you think that a GTX980 would make a significant difference in terms of settings on P3D. Here again the price premium is significant.


4 – RAM - Should I go above 2133 MHz


5 - Power supply - I plan to add a secong GPU when P3D will be fully developped for SLI. Does this call for going to 1000 watts ?


Your comments are more than welcome.

Thanks in advance

BertrandM, France


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About the processor, the 5820K has by far the best performance/price ratio. In the end, if money is not an object here, then go by any means with the 5930K. If you are doing something else also with your computer, like video editing, modeling or such, faster alternatives may be a better choice. If I'd be you and looking for the setup with about the same price, I'd pick the 5820K instead and change the 970 to 980. But that's just me.

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hen go by any means with the 5930K


I disagree with this statement.


The 5930k is a 6-core processor running at 3.5ghz. Prepar3d v2.3, despite Lockheed's efforts, is still largely single thread dependent. The 4790k single thread benchmark is over 20% better than the 5930k. 


If you are building for P3d, the 4790k will perform better for you. The money you save you can get another .5TB SSD over the Hard Drive


With Prepar3d you are going to want the lowest latency memory you can get. But what you have there is DDR4, and at that clock speed, its going to be great. 


The 970 is a good card, if you skip on the 5930k for the extra ssd and a 980, you'll be happy. If you plan on using sli later, 970 is good. The 900 series are very efficient. You won't need anywhere near 1000w with two 970s. A 4790k and sli 970's will do great on a quality 750w power supply. What you have there is plenty!


The things I don't like in your setup summed up: 


1. The second drive being a hard drive. Why? run everything ssd

2. P3d isn't going to distribute evenly across 6 cores. better off with less cores, higher frequency. This also allocates more money. YOUR PERFORMANCE WILL BE BETTER WITH A 4790K!!!!

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The bigger the better on everything but the CPU, as there is a point where the price to performance ratio, except for a handful of applications (NOT flight Sims), becomes ridiculous.


If you are paying more than ~$400 for the CPU , you can usually go with a lower model.

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