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  1. golfpilot

    A new Microsoft Flight Simulator Announced

    Did you ever log into a FSX multiplayer game. One kid can make that not fun really fast.
  2. golfpilot

    GTN Complete Series V2.09 Released

    I had another brands 750 for prepar3d since RXP didn't have one. When that other brand took forever to update to the new Garmin trainer and RXP didn't have a prepar version yet (they do now) I swapped to x-plane. My whole sim experience is better now. And I don't know if the RXP guy is just one guy or not, but he/she/they are really helpful here. Customer support extends past directly contacting them and waiting for an email, they are digging through forums looking for ways to help user experience. That isn't expected.
  3. golfpilot

    GTN Complete Series V2.09 Released

    I appreciate the update. I fully commited to xplane over a month ago and went RXP to get the GTN to work with the new features. VNAV features were a lot to take in and I wanted to play with them on the sim before wasting time with the engine running.
  4. Ok so everything works now. All I have to do is startup, disable the gtn as the master device, re enable it as the master device. I kept seeing people say they just disable and enable and I was processing that as remove it from the panel and put it back which wasn't working.
  5. This isn't working for me. I can't get it to work at all. No Nav mode for me. It sends info to the HSI but I can't get it out of ARM mode no matter what I do. Seems to be isolated to the S550. Works fine in the PC-12. I'm going to reinstall the S550 and see if that gives me any love
  6. Just installed this update. Will get back in a couple hours if it worked or not. I really appreciate your guy's fast response in trying to resolve these issues. It might be on Carenado's end but you guys keep trying and its really awesome!
  7. I do appreciate the effort Reality XP and Carenado is making. Thank you for the temporary fix. I've just been following the glideslope with the VS tab, not real difficult to do, just as accurate!
  8. yes, and lpv is still not capturing with the s550 ... Bummer
  9. Just got the s550 and loaded it up for the first time today. I was confused I couldn't get the LPV glideslope to capture but ILS was working great. Extra weird that it works well on the PC-12. Check the forum and this! AWESOME. Just downloaded update and trying it out
  10. golfpilot

    Hotstart TBM900

    You did a great job in both of these videos keeping the plane straight. However, these characteristics are unrealistic. I have never been in a TBM but I do fly PC-12's and a variety of big bore singles and keeping the plane straight on roll out is not this difficult. These are 3 ton vehicles with a lot of momentum pointing forward. The roll out characteristics of the airplane in your videos look like the plane is getting hit with 40-50 mph gusts from different directions. I have no idea how X-plane can fix that, but its the last big thing keeping me from going to 100% x-plane.
  11. golfpilot

    GTN 750 screen blank

    2 days ago, after lots of trial and error I got it working. I also solved MY issue with the gtn 750 crashing on bootup. Trying to boot the gtn while pressing the breaks on my Saitek pro rudder pedals..
  12. Dang, I never saw anything about this. And I have 2 GTX 970's. Checked emails, never notified. Nvidia stole $60 from me...
  13. golfpilot

    crashing xp 11

    This is going to sound ridiculous, but I have been getting crashes with the gtn750 xp11 very sporadically and I figured out what was causing it yesterday. The toe breaks on my Saitek Pro rudder pedals. Whenever I have them pressed down while I try to boot the gtn, the program crashes.
  14. golfpilot

    GTN 750 screen blank

    I am having blank screen with update as well.... reactivated keys and reinstalled, still no luck
  15. golfpilot

    Installation/Win7/BlankDisplay [solved]

    I figured it out. I had to uninstall the garmin trainer and reinstall using the installer provided with the gtn software. I haven't checked to see if my prepar 750 still works but if this continues to work that won't matter! Works great with xp10, xp11 crashes when I try to open it (I know it isn't supported yet but I tried) I didn't have the expectation it would work yet. Thank you