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  1. I'm having an issue with the latest update as my Realsim Gear (hardware) GCU MFD range knob no longer works. If I use the previous update it does however the selection screens are non responsive. Anything changed regarding the range control in the latest update?
  2. G'day Brian, This is the setting I'm currently using. Hope it helps.
  3. G'day Brian, I have a "Cirrus" SAAB desktop PFC yoke which is over ten years old & have no issue using it with MSFS. Maybe try using FSUIPC or SPAD.neXt if you have them? I did have a problem with WIN10 some time ago not recognizing it on load up & PFC recommended updating the circuit board however I found that by plugging it into a USB3 port that fixed the issue. Not even sure if this is still a problem with later versions of the OS. If the yoke is seen by WIN10 & works with P3D it should also work with MSFS I would think.
  4. I'm not having an issue with the throttle however I did have to re calibrate my hardware, idle was at 3%. Noticed though that the door pressurization safety locking indicators appear reversed & are red when locked when should be green.
  5. Try hitting the TOGA button to do a go around when close to landing! That's a bit of a stomach turner too.
  6. Hi Dave, Iv'e not had any issues with this & can close the door with either the payload manager or directly on the door. Sounds like you might have a glitch. Maybe a reinstall of the aircraft may fix it if nothing else has. It's a pretty straight forward operation to open & close usually.
  7. These are very tempting! Re the ankle/heels discussion when I was doing my flight training many years ago my instructors regularly made comment just before take off roll "heels on the floor". This was to unsure you weren't accidentally pushing on the brakes during take off. That was one of the things I did like about the Saitek Combat pedals. I now have the MFG Xwinds however the stirrup set up is not really to my liking as they are not realistic with the type of aircraft I used to fly. I believe they are considering a "combat pedal" option for the Xwinds however that has been coming for some time.
  8. Hi Ray, Have you checked out the PFC throttles? Only issue with them (if you can call it that) is that they have separate throttles for different aircraft types which makes it a bit expensive. However the base console comes with a realistic (light aircraft) gear lever & flap lever. Additionally it has rudder trim & TOGA button which you can order with the individual quadrants which overrides the console button. Iv'e had mine for a couple of years now & although they do not have Hall effect sensors they are far more accurate than the Saitek's I have had over the years.
  9. Hi Martin, Not sure about the GTN as I wouldn't try to install with such a good G1000 although I understand re the out dated default nav data. Re the panel state Iv'e found that if you have P3D set to remember panel states & you save a situation then that appears to override the configurator setting. I found that if I want what is in the configurator then I have to re load the aircraft again once in the sim. Alternatively set the aircraft state to whatever you want next time you open the situation before shutting down. I have found however that quite often if I don't reload the aircraft then the stored flight plans don't show. All a complication on the save state from P3D I believe.
  10. I found I have problems with direct to also until I delete the current flight plan, which doesn't seem right.
  11. Hi Sean, I had checked to make sure the rudder trim was centered & the MFG pedals are self calibrating so neither Windows or FSUIPC have been used to calibrate. Also I don't have Accu-Feel. This may well have been a one off as I did another couple of flights this morning with no issue in this regard. I had sent you an email yesterday with some other problems Iv'e encountered & they were still present today.
  12. Hi Rudi, Yes I do use AS however I did not have it on at the time of this flight. Also regarding my rudder pedals they are MFG Xwinds & calibration is OK. I also disconnected the auto pilot & yawed with the pedals but this did not fix the issue during that flight. I even checked fuel imbalance but that was alright as well. Pedals worked no problem during taxi & take off. As I mentioned a subsequent flight was fine so will bring it up if it happens again.
  13. I experienced this today also. It had nothing to do with the rudder trim as it was centered & the only way to correct it was by turning off the yaw damper. Just finished a one hour flight & did not have it happen this time. Think this might be some kind of bug? I had nil wind today when it happened & it was constantly showing a slight bank to the right with yaw damper on.
  14. Quick report on this mornings flight. Aircraft remained about 1 nm to right of track showing both in the G1000 & on the Navigraph map. Also did an ILS landing in the soup & had an issue with the AP having me fly to the right of the LOC. Will fly it again & see what happens. Edit: Second approach starting with nil weather then introducing real wx via AS went fine with aircraft remaining on the localizer.
  15. I was doing a flight yesterday following my progress on Navigraph map & noticed the aircraft was not squarely on the track as usually is with GTN equipped aircraft but off set also. Reinstalled P3D & the DA yesterday afternoon (for other issues) so will see how today's flight goes. Beautiful aircraft to fly though. One of the few that don't unrealistically try to dive to the ground as soon as you bank for a turn.
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