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  1. Hi Luka, I'm not familiar with Skydemon however I have done a lot of flying in PNG both in the sim & in real life as a passenger many years ago when the DC3 was the workhorse in the region. I just use LittleNavmap to plan my flights & then export to MSFS which allows you to load the flight into the sim & will appear in the G1000. There are very few navaids in PNG so most IFR approaches would be done with LNAV/VNAV but I'm not sure how many are in the G1000 database & if you fly in to some of the many mountain strips you will have to do them manually. The larger airports such as Mt Hagen, Madang etc do have these. If you use real weather it's best to fly in the mornings if possible as cloud build up is quite common during the afternoons making VFR flight somewhat tricky at times. When I lived up there during the sixties & seventies flying was usually scheduled for early morning departures to beat the weather & it was quite common to look out the window of the aircraft & watch the scenery go by level with you as the aircraft flew up & down the valleys to get to your destination. Flightsim.to have many enhanced strips to download if you are interested. Great place to fly particularly if you have a set of VR goggles!
  2. I also got an update this morning. Had already received the main version update recently.
  3. Cool! Winch launches! Did some gliding back in the 80's & the club I was flying at had a winch launch. Coming from power flying & being trained not to get the nose too high on take off the winch launch really gave me a shock at first. During take off you climbed out at about forty five degrees pitch up from memory & had to keep an eye on your speed so you could signal to the winch operator whether to increase or decrease speed by either waggling the wings or yawing the fuselage. Used to get the old adrenalin pumping that's for sure. Looking forward to this. Instrumentation looks far more advanced than what I was used to.
  4. This is a bit of a worry. I have an older PFC SAAB Desktop Yoke that is probably USB 1.0. I did have some issues with it early WIN10 but found that it worked OK in the USB 3.0 port on my motherboard strangely enough. These days however it doesn't seem to matter where I plug it so I guess as WIN10 matured it became more compatible with older USB products.? PFC quoted me US$100 for a replacement board at the time which I held off on purchasing fortunately. Have you had any luck with sorting this out? I do have a WIN11 laptop which I could plug my yoke into & see how it goes before taking the leap with my PC.
  5. Have you tried setting the trims manually yourself? Pretty easy to do. I have PFC gear & none of my controls are pre set so I use a combination on MSFS & FSUIPC to do so. This aircraft if great for flying into small PNG bush strips as it's easy to fly, very maneuverable & visibility is great. My favorite bush plane now. You're missing out by not flying it because of the trim issue. I assume Honeycomb gear is self programmable.
  6. Haven't used P3D for a while now so haven't flown the XP Lear25 for some time however from memory it was an easy fix in the .cfg file to turn the auto throttles off otherwise the TOGA switch used to activate T/O power which was annoying. The earlier version didn't have the auto throttle.
  7. Great place to fly!! I grew up in PNG, Rabaul then Mount Hagen in the days of the DC3. I recently started using a VR headset & boy does that increase the pucker factor going into some of the mountainous strips you can find on Flightsim.to. I use both the Kodiak 100 & the Twin Otter. Kodiaks. weren't around when I was there & the Twin Otter was only just being introduced. Did do a few flights in the single Otter though from Mt Hagen.
  8. I do that also however when I re start Mixed Reality it remains virtually unusable with low frame rates & severe stuttering. Once I close the sim down then MR regains it's smoothness & this morning I was able to restart the sim & VR worked fine until I exited again (to test). So for me to have a successful VR session I am unable to exit VR until I've finished the flight.
  9. Apart from the reduction in frames when in VR are any of you also see the sim frame rate tank to about 4 - 6FPS once you opt out of VR & it never recovers? Previously several re sets of VR could improve performance but this never happens now & the sim remains unusable even in 2D mode after this. I sometimes have to do a reboot to get the sim & VR to work nicely. I have a HP Reverb G2. Haven't seen anybody else comment on this so thought I'd ask first before lodging a report.
  10. Thanks for the heads up Glenn. I'll take it up at that price!
  11. Like others I can't fly without it. Have had it since TIR 2, using TIR5 now been using it that long & having been a RW pilot one area I find it really shines is when flying a circuit. So easy to keep your eye on the threshold to time your base turn. Even bigger iron do circuits at some airports at least here in Australia although RNAV/VNAV is phasing a lot of that out I guess. Great tool!!
  12. I've had a few CTD's with it, including the first time I tried to load it. They usually happen when I select the "fly" button & the sim has almost loaded the flight in. Still using an older video driver.
  13. From memory I think it's CTL, ALT then the number (not numpad). I always change the pilot view to a bit closer & assign the view to a button on my yoke.
  14. I noticed yesterday they were a bit dark. Checked setting & they were up to 100% brightness. Maybe they're a bit too dim now. 🙂 Never happy are we 😀
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