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  1. Rossco

    Xtreme prototypes GLJ25

    Should be but I always delete the P3D folders in Users\*\app data & Program Data to give a pretty clean sheet to start with. I don't delete my aircraft though. Have back ups for my exe & DLL.XML files as well.
  2. Rossco

    Xtreme prototypes GLJ25

    Hi Ray, I always do a complete reinstall of P3D.
  3. Rossco

    Xtreme prototypes GLJ25

    Iv'e not had any issues with this aircraft in 4.4.
  4. Rossco

    8X SS A new Fan

    Correct. 4xSSAA works fine though.
  5. Rossco

    8X SS A new Fan

    Hi Ron, Yes it is. It's really made a difference to my simming experience, particularly when it comes to clouds, they appear to have no impact on performance at all now.
  6. Rossco

    8X SS A new Fan

    Ditto. I have an ASUS Strix 1080 OC.
  7. Rossco

    Xtreme prototypes GLJ25

    You can always disable it in the cfg file like I have done then it never becomes an issue.
  8. Thanks for the heads up on this one guys.😊 Don't fly singles much these days but did a lot of my PPL training in the PA28 (140 initially) & XCountry flying in the TB20 with about 100 hours in one in the late 80's & early 90's. At this price I'll have to dust the cobwebs off my old Pilot's Notes & recreate some of the flights I did long ago. Mind you I'll use the GTN650/750 instead of the old Trimble 2000 the TB20 was graced with (same one as in the DA Cheyenne).
  9. Rossco

    Xtreme prototypes GLJ25

    Both issues sound a bit odd Peter, can't say Iv'e seen either of these previously. Maybe try a reinstall?
  10. Rossco


    Hi Alex, Hopefully this might help. I used to have a constant rhythmic stutter in P3Dv3 previously & nothing I did would eliminate it, even turning off all scenery & lowering graphics settings to zero. What I did to fix this eventually was to uninstall the video driver in Windows, re boot in safe mode then run DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller). then reboot to windows & re install the driver. This fixed the stutter issue that was driving me crazy for so long. This was a procedure we used to have to perform years ago if you wanted a clean install of the video driver & the general consensus is it's no longer necessary. Afraid I beg to differ. I have recently seen a stutter in P3Dv4 which although is not the same as the one I had in v3 would still be present with all scenery/graphics turned down. Quite obvious whilst taxiing in circles on the apron of an airport. Going through the same procedure fixed the issue again for me & I actually just did this earlier last week however WIN10 did an update just the other day & reintroduced the stutter again. I tried just a reinstall of the driver (clean install) but unfortunately this didn't fix it. Have just done a safe mode uninstall & have a smooth sim again! Could be worth trying if you have exhausted everything else.
  11. Rossco

    Xtreme prototypes GLJ25

    Hi Cool, Iv'e found SpadneXt to be great in that it's pretty easy to use once you get your head around it & it also picks up all your hardware allowing programming of all your levers, switches & buttons including my PFC yoke & throttles. You can also program long & short presses on your buttons for separate commands which is handy plus it's easy to program multiple commands with one button/switch & add delays between actions & add sounds at the same time. Similar to Linda in many ways I guess. Let me know if you need any further help.
  12. Rossco

    Xtreme prototypes GLJ25

    Not that familiar with Linda although I did use it for a while. Just checked the aircraft as I haven't flown it of late & the settings I use still work. Are you using a value of 20 to turn the switches on? From memory a 1 wouldn't work.
  13. Rossco

    Xtreme prototypes GLJ25

    Hi Cool, I have the Primary & Secondary Inverters individually programmed to one of my Saitek Switch Panels (I have two) using Spad.neXt. If you are trying to locate the LVAR it's Centralelectricalpanelbottomsecondary(/primary)inverterswitchleverposition. I change the value to 20 for on & 0 for off. Hope this helps.
  14. Hmm Jon, Thanks for that, think you are getting me interested.
  15. Just to confirm re lifting your feet to apply brakes. "Heels on the floor" was the last pre take off check one of my instructors used to drum in to me once we lined up with the runway. This was so you didn't inadvertently apply brakes during the take off role & slow the aircraft down. So yes you do need to lift your feet off the floor to apply brakes (at least in all the aircraft I flew which was a range of Cessnas, Pipers, Beech Sundowner & TB20 Trinidad). I haven't flown for many years now however I still have a habit of applying brakes after take off & prior to selecting gear up when flying a "lighty" in the sim. I have a set of XWinds which I'm very happy with however a little disappointed in the stirrup motion design (so no heels on the floor check). I believe some time ago their was talk of a bolt on "F16" style pedal to be released at some stage however this is yet to eventuate. Hence my interest in the TM's. I did like the Saitek Combat pedals I had because of their layout however the brake throw was too short & made it difficult to keep the aircraft straight when braking upon landing. XWind's are much better in this regard.