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  1. Thanks, missed that & was able to download & install without getting any blue screens (so far). All previous versions refused to work on my rig even with the recommended updated ME drivers that were supposedly causing the conflict. Am yet to update Win10 to see how it goes.
  2. G'day Cameron, I'm not fussed about the autothrottle either particularly when it goes full when hitting TOGA, so I turned it off in the config file. Easy to do, just change the 1 to a 0 in the "autothrottle available" line. I use VS for my climbs.
  3. Thanks for that Raymie, I do have it set to manual but even then once it's downloaded & ready to go the only options showing for a shut down or restart include updating. I didn't think I could turn them off with this version of Windows. Thanks Vortex, had a look but am unable to download as yet, the site appears to be getting a hammering. Did see a couple of recent posts where users are having problems including one where the beta has not fixed the Win10 update issue for them. Will download when I can (says try in another 20 hours!!) Have bookmarked the page.
  4. I had a WIN10 update a few days ago (4056891) which broke my ASUS Fan control which an update to the latest software didn't fix so I uninstalled the update. However it came back yesterday so I allowed it again but the same thing. So I once again uninstalled the update & this time have hidden it. Hopefully it won't annoy me again & in the meantime ASUS updates their software again.
  5. Hi Guys, Just an update, following the initial problems I had & rollback to fix those issues Win10 did a new update a couple of weeks ago which I allowed with some trepidation. This time however all seems to have worked fine thank goodness.
  6. Yes it is. As it's a keyboard emulation I expect it will work with any game/sim/program. I have it set up for FSX,P3Dv3 & P3Dv4.
  7. I use the Logitech Gaming Mouse software with my G700 & use it for a number of things like Avatar mode, opening aircraft door, ATC, pause, Alt key to open menu & shut the sim down among other things. It's quite handy really.
  8. For what it's worth I'm using AM85 with my i7 7700K, not because it improves apparent performance for me however it allows Core #1 to run much cooler according to Core Temp. I'm more than happy with my rig's performance, particularly now I have a 1080 GPU under it's hood.
  9. I usually set 6,000 for my initial before take off then adjust as I get higher. Have disabled the autothrottle as I don't like it blasting off when I hit my TOGA button. Works fine in the panel. I find it a bit small though so have a button on my yoke programmed to pop it open & closed for when I'm busy & can't grab the mouse but need a better look.
  10. Another one for PFPX, I have used it for years & am still finding out things about it. It's very comprehensive, so much so you need to be quite vigilant as to the settings you select. I recently didn't check the fuel specs prior to computing the flight plan & I had somehow allowed zero fuel at destination & not the 1,000lbs I like to set for the XP Lear25. Consequently I had a nervous time on one of my recent flights as the fuel planner in the GTN750 installed on board had me arriving with minus fuel (non arrival in that case of course :-). Lucky for a stronger tail wind than expected & judicious use of the power settings it turned out OK. Re ATC Iv'e tended to stick with default to date as I find the robotic voices of the other commercial offerings too unrealistic for me. Sure there are no SID's & STAR's however at most airports you have the option of requesting a different approach & quite often VNAV's are available, & if this happens far enough out then you can fly part of the arrival to VNAV approach point as well. If not I just request a VOR approach & ATC leaves me alone till tower frequency change. Altitude on descent into mountainous areas of course needs to be closely monitored as this is one area that really is a problem with the default. Assume the commercial programs have overcome this issue.
  11. Fits nicely into the XP Lear25 too. I use the 650 for my integrated check lists & the 750 for my main Nav unit.
  12. Iv'e found this to be a great aircraft & have flown it starting with the previous version (2.0) from the west coast of the US to New Zealand starting at Palm Springs, up through Alaska, back down through the Alpine area then across to the east coast via Orbx Meigs. From there it was across the pond to Norway, UK, Spain then Innsbruck, Austria. This was with v2. Had a break for a while awaiting the next version. When v2.1 came out I continued my trip via Croatia, Turkey, India, then down to Perth Australia via Malaysia & Indonesia. Following that I flew her across to Coffs Harbour on the east coast of Aus then to NZWR on the north island of NZ. Yesterday I flew from there to NZQN Queenstown on the south island. All this with Active Sky real weather & with lodged flight plans using default ATC (painful at times). You really do understand why this is a two pilot aircraft when you use ATC, even the default one. Handling the radios, frequency changes etc. after take of can make for some exciting moments. I have disabled the auto throttle as it is not realistic & so speed control at times during busy climb out can be a challenge. This thing really is a rocket however if you let her get behind the power curve in climb then speed can decay surprisingly quickly. I do confess to having heard the stick shaker a couple of times lol. To help I've done up quite a comprehensive check list which I integrated into the GTN 750/650 combo Iv'e installed. Comes in handy at times but when used really highlights the amount of work required prior to getting this bird into the air. She definitely is not a "kick the tires & light the fires" type of aircraft. Any way it's back to Aus via Tasmania then up the east coat to Cairns then on to Port Moresby PNG next. Don't know where I'll go after that however I picked up the Majestic Dash 8 whilst it was on sale recently. It's "sitting under the Xmas tree" at present so I can't use it for a while yet but looking forward to it when I do. Rant over but just wanted to point out that I've used this aircraft quite extensively over the past twelve months or so & really have found it a pleasure & a challenge at times to fly. I have looked at numerous vids in You Tube plus dug up a training manual on line to help in coming to grips with her & to operate as realistically as possible at all times. Alain & the team at Xtreme Prototypes really have done a great job in putting this Lear together & continue to evolve her with updates & minor corrections over time.
  13. I have two of the panels, a bit by accident as one of the rows of switches ceased working for a while on my original so I purchased another. Original came good & has stayed that way since following a couple of re connects & hasn't given me any trouble with my new ASUS ROG IX Hero MB. Had been waiting for nearly a year for the original to fall over again so I opened up the new one a few weeks back. Looks a bit odd however using SPADneXt Iv'e been able to program all sorts of extra buttons & of course it's ideal for starting twins. Iv'e found SPAD great for programming my PFC Yoke & Throttle buttons & rocker switches with the short & long options for those as well. Very handy tool.
  14. Hi Howard, Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble. I have only just seen this thread & as I read through & saw what was happening re the mouse/beeping/lockup I can relate to that with in my case the Saitek Cessna Trim wheel being the culprit. It appears to be better in 4.1 however my work around was to activate the unit prior to starting the sim. This seemed to sort the problem however it was a pain to remember to do this each time prior to P3D start. This used to happen with win7 also, I'm currently on win10. I did have the combat pedals which never gave me any trouble like that though. I have changed to MFG Xwinds now.
  15. Not familiar with Chaseplane but with EZdok you can assign views to a joystick button if you wish which eliminates the scrolling. Also you can adjust the speed of the smooth zoom between views. Another nifty feature recently added allows you to click the mouse wheel & roll to zoom. Mouse wheel & right button click returns you to original position. Handy for looking at thos far awat difficult spots like the pressurization panel in the Xtreme Labs Lear25D. Works fine with P3Dv4.1,