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  1. HenningL

    FS9 problems with latest Windows 10 update

    The update we are talking about, I guess, is the large 1803 spring update. Here FS9 runs just as fine as it did before the update. It is fast and springy. No lags or spinning circles. In fact no problems at all. However I do have issues with the update not flight sim related. I had to reinstall the anti virus software, and now I have to manually enable the software firewall on each boot. And sometimes I cannot access my NAS from Windows and need to reboot windows to make it accessible. Very annoying. Henning
  2. HenningL

    Sim Market Installer

    Do You install over a network? Or from a NAS? Try moving the file to your pc and install from there. Henning
  3. HenningL

    Soft Clouds

    Not available in stores anymore unfortunately. Recently I wanted to reinstall it, but the installer failed as REX has removed Soft Clouds from their servers. I own the online installer version. I contacted their support about it and after some mails back and forth with proof of purchase they sent me the full version. Henning
  4. HenningL

    Simmarket False Identify Purchase Please Help!

    Thanks for telling. I just realised I've always been using the unsecure site. I was fooled by the "secure" in secure.simmarked.com. I now changed the link to https. Henning
  5. HenningL

    Reshade your FS9!

    Google is your friend :-) https://reshade.me/ Henning
  6. HenningL

    FS9 Navaids update

    I have crashes when using the intersections. So I uninstalled these. Henning
  7. HenningL

    Windows 10 --Ugggg

    Did you try installing the DirectX redistributeable package? If not its worth a try. Do a google search for the file directx_Jun2010_redist.exe. When you run it, it unpacks itself to a folder of your choice. From this folder you must execute DXSETUP.exe. Henning
  8. HenningL

    UT textures and Evo

    Hi Sascha Some UT textures do not blend well with Evo color wise. Golf courses, cemeteries and parks stand out with a different color scheme. You think you could make Evo editions of these? Henning
  9. HenningL

    Wrong sand textures

    Yes I can confirm they look better now :smile: . Henning
  10. I struggled with this also for a long time after a Win 10 update back in december. I finally found the cause for this. It was Winzips File Association Helper that boots with Windows. I disabled this from booting with Windows. Problem fixed. Henning
  11. HenningL

    Wrong sand textures

    First pic is with the Evo for UT sand texture. Second pic is with UT's own sand texture. http://postimg.org/gallery/lgkv1eae/37afb2f7/ After a look at more Evo textures I can see this same texture is also used for river banks. It may be by design then? Henning
  12. HenningL

    Wrong sand textures

    Hi Sascha It seems the EVO sand textures for use with Ultimate Terrain are not correct. They do not show sand. Coast lines look wrong with these textures. The textures are UTSandSu.bmp UTSanSSu.bmp Thanks, Henning
  13. HenningL

    Frame Rate = 1fps...

    The only times i've experienced a drop to 2-4 fps were when the vmem (videocard memory) got filled up so there was no memory left for extra textures. I resolved the issue by reducing texture resolution for the addon airports that had many high res textures. I used a videocard with 512mb memory at the time and that was not enough for some addons. How much vmem does your videocard have? Henning
  14. HenningL

    Sent a donation

    Yep, got it. Thanks, Henning
  15. HenningL

    Sent a donation

    Hi Sascha, I just sent a donation and would like to get the download link. Thanks, Henning