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777 SP1c changelog?

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Where can I find the 777 SP1c changelog file? Would like to see what are changed.


I know it is in OPC but I am on an old WinXP so when I press the changelog button to read it OPC crashes.


No big deal for me, that button is the only one that does not work.


All other buttons, settings, liveries and so works as they should.


Have looked through <flightsimx>/PMDG and can not find any.


It is enough if someone just adds the changelog as an post. Just reading it ones or twice is OK for me.


Or have I missed some post somewhere with it?



/Per W

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It's in the ops centre.


I am sure someone will put a change log here


(try looking in the pmdg folder as well)



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I would appreciate if someone please posted it, I'm at work and can't wait to see what's changed

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CHANGE LOG SP1c (v1.10.6155) - 0003434: [General - Engines] Low oil level temp issue (emvaos) - resolved. -

0003362: [FMS/AFDS - LNAV] Extended forced direction DTO handling with A/C off track (emvaos) - resolved. -

0003426: [General - Engines] Thrust reverser issues (emvaos) - resolved. -

0003346: [AFDS - Roll Modes] F/D commands shouldn't require pilot input to progress to the full command (emvaos) - resolved. -

0003412: [AFDS - General] AP engage on ground shouldn't be possible with flaps out of up (emvaos) - resolved. -

0003345: [AFDS - Thrust Modes] Increased rate of throttle lever movement during flare for immediate reverse thrust at main gear touchdown (emvaos) - resolved. -

0003336: [General - Engines] Thrust rises above derate/assumed temp N1 limit during TO roll (emvaos) - resolved. -

0003351: [FMS/AFDS - VNAV] Added custom fuel flow correction model to account for FSx incomplete drag model (emvaos) - resolved. -

0003369: [Main Panel - General/Unsure] Reports of sudden failure of both engines during descent (emvaos) - resolved. -

0003372: [FMS/AFDS - VNAV] ECON Climb Speed schedule updated formula (emvaos) - resolved. -

0003297: [systems - Fuel] Fuel remaining with MANUAL fuel entry with non zero fuel used by either engine (emvaos) - resolved. -

0003350: [External Model - Geometry] Wings missing vortex generators on the outboard flaps? (jbrown) - resolved. -

0003224: [FMS - Performance Pages] FUEL DISAGREE warning on second leg or after reloading sim with engine turned off (emvaos) - resolved. -

0003349: [FMS - Functionality Problems (General)] Delayed EICAS advisory FMC MESSAGE after engine start inhibit with scratchpad empty (emvaos) - resolved. -

0003356: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] Double clicking the RTE page LSK 1L to clear the route shouldn't work in the air (emvaos) - resolved. -

0003347: [FMS - Performance Pages] FLXX altitude entry was accepted as 0 altitude and did not result in INVALID ENTRY (emvaos) - resolved. -

0003330: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] Max displayed page in LEGS right after swappng routes of unequal length (emvaos) - resolved. -

0003348: [External Model - Geometry] 300ER AoA indexer vane geometry positioned wrong (jbrown) - resolved. -

0003303: [FMS/AFDS - LNAV] Wandering S turns at 8X and 16X with Sp1 (rmaziarz) - closed.

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