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Airport jetways...loading passengers...etc...

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So, flying is really interesting and fun and all that but, I find that when I start up P3D at my local airport (KRNO), my airplane is always sitting facing the airport building but, no passenger ramp is there pressed to the side of the airplane... in fact, I see no movable walkways at all except in a couple of random places at the airport.


Also, airport vehicles are really hit or miss too. I may or may not have a pushback vehicle in front of the airplane but pushback function always works.


I would sort of like to start going through the process of ensuring passengers are loaded and having the walkway retracted then get pushback and startup clearance.


Do I nee3d to get addon scenery to get that going on? Is there a setting in P3D I need to change? Or is there something in the "Create Scenario" tab that will allow it to happen?


Thanks folks!

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There is an addon called gsx or ground services x. I think it is by ds dream team.


It provides the eye candy often seen at airports.





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Hi Al, you AI program also needs to be able to trigger the moving jetways - I have MyTraffic X for P3D installed, and see the ramps move and attach to the aircraft when they park up.


Also I'm not sure if if the Airport Vehicle Density setting has any bearing (but I've got mine at medium, and see ground services at ORBX airports).

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