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Leigh Thomas

Major issues with PDMG 777 for P3D

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Hi all,


I just downloaded the PDMG 777 for P3D V2. Performed a clean install of P3D V2.4 and then the PDMG 777 straight after. Turned my anti-virus off just to be sure. 


When I load the plane it never asked me for activation and the landing gear is up and no switches work. I know guys had similar issues with the FSX version. 


After parting with 90 USD for this model I am not a happy camper.


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Well email PMDG then, Im sure they will help you with a support ticket.




Wayne HART

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PDMG should sort their products out before releasing to the market. I am posting on AVSIM in case anyone else has experienced this issue.

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If there is nothing wrong with their product then why does it not work on my system (A very clean install of win 7 64 bit). I have dozens of add ons from other reputable companies (Iris, Aerosoft......) and never had any problems.


Its also an issue that has been experienced before with FSX:







I don't know why the flight sim community accepts such second rate programming. If Origin or Steam games malfunctioned in this way there would be hell to pay.

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@ Leigh,


I can understand your frustration at not being able to use the aircraft, straight after buying it, but there's no point in talking about "second rate programming"  - that's just going to get people's backs up and people will be less likely to offer help as promptly.


When I first installed the NGX into FSX back in 2012 I am sure I had the same issue that you have here.   PMDG Support investigated it and I believe it was a registry based issue.    You might just have to clear something from your registry to get the activation routine to invoke.


Hopefully PMDG Support will help you on here, but it is also a good idea to raise a ticket too as that can lead to a greater, more detailed level of support.  (EG. they sometimes use remote access to find the issue on your PC where necessary).


Hope you get it sorted - but please don't make daft comments because you're frustrated.   You'll get it sorted I am sure.

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OK I figured out the problem. If you are like me and only have P3D installed you will need to manually install the legacy Simconnect files located here:


 \Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\redist\Interface\FSX-SP1\retail\lib
 \Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\redist\Interface\FSX-SP2-XPACK\retail\lib
Once both of these are installed the PDMG 777 activation prompt should show up when you next load it from the P3D menu. 
PDMG should really think about these things when they release a product. Shame on them.

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PDMG should really think about these things when they release a product. Shame on them.



I'm sorry sir but I have to disagree, PMDG's products are known for pushing the limit's of the simulator and thus it should be common knowledge when installing a sim that FSUIPC and SimConnect get installed with it. Whether the installation is manually such as with FSUIPC and Simconnect for P3D.


P3D is less "set up" out of the box and that's the nature of the product since it is a simulator which is geared towards enterprise customers first, and academic solutions second. LM provide numerous amounts of documentation as to "what" the simulator does and "how" it thinks.


The problem with software is that each environment it will be installed into is slightly different. This causes hiccups which can be fixed quite easily by adding a dependent normally, in this case simconnect.


I'm taking a guess here but I think its fair to say that there would be legal issues if PMDG installers also installed simconnect into your sim, not to mention the unneeded download of a dependent which a high percentage of users already will have installed and running within the sim.

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I had the same issue when I purchased both the base package and the 300ER expansion, but it was specificalyl with the 300ER.  it turns out I had to activate the base package  FIRST, and then my 300ER worked fine.


For me, I did an uninstall and then a reinstall and all is well.

Phil Long

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Okay, since the OP found a solution to his problem, I'm locking this topic.

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