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FSX Gold Edition not available on DVD any more?

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I bought my FSX Gold Edition DVDs from newegg in 2011 for $28.26.  I ran it on a modest machine (AMD 965 black edition).  I then upgraded to a more robust machine (mainly because I kept buying high end add ons), and had no trouble reactivating FSX on my intel 3770K Ivy bridge.  I recently decided to upgrade again and have collected all the parts and pieces to build a 4920K on an ASUS z97 deluxe motherboard.  For some reason, it occurred to me to check on any reactivation issues, and sure enough, MS will only issue 2 activation approvals on 2 different machines.  If you try to activate it a 3rd time on a third motherboard, it will not be successful.


Being staunchly anti-pirate, cracking, hacking, etc.  I decided to purchase FSX Gold again.  It is not available from any reputable dealers that I can find.  Questionable dealers are trying to sell the software for upwards of $150.00.  What is going on?  Is this due to Steam?  This is scary, because steam can someday just stop it's FSX gaming.  I like having my DVD for apacolyptic scenarios.  I need some guidance.  Or am I just confused about Steam?






P.S. Where are these tags?

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Update:  Thanks to a tip from someone on these forums, I located a website from South Africa that had FSX Gold in stock.  I ordered 3.  Talk about a great deal, 3 copies of FSX Gold plus shipping to Alabama for $50.00 U.S.  A South African rand is .082 dollar.  610 rands looked expensive, but it wasn't.


Being confident that I was not going to go without a copy of FSX Gold, I finished my build, installed the OS, and tried to install FSX.  Sure enough, their records indicated that I had exceeded my allotment of activations, but offered me the alternative to activate by phone.  I called the number, talked to the computer voice, followed a convoluted series of instructions involving long blocks of numbers, and finally achieved success in activating my FSX on the new computer.  I had to do the same dog and pony show with Acceleration.


So, apparently you can activate FSX at least 3 times before MS deems your software junk.  With three fresh copies of FSX Gold on my bookcase, I figure I am good for 9 more computer builds.  That should get me through the Intel 35469X (code name: Hopey Changey) and the GeForce 28660 with 32 Gigs of ram (minus 500MB for architectural anomolies).  Maybe I can afford the ASUS Rampage MCVXIX Republic of Virtuality.


Flight Simulation Life is Good ... for now.


BTW, if you install FSX Gold on a freshly formatted SSD, then add all ORBX global and regional scenery, you use 152 Gigs of space.  I haven't even started to install airport scenery, aircraft, or utilities.  Good thing I have a 1TB SSD.  Surely, that will be enough.

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