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Hello everyone,


My birthday is coming up and I have been saving for a three monitor setup.  I currently have on my rig, an Intel i7 4770K @ 4.1, Nvidia GTX 750, 8gb ram, 2tb hard drive 7200rpm.  When I first built the rig, custom for fsx, I skimped out major on the gpu to save money, as fsx does not use much of it anyway.  However, now I am going to try to use Nvidia Surround for a three monitor setup.  What I want to know is, how will the system react to the new hardware?  Will I see a major drop in FPS in fsx? WIll other parts of the system react negatively?


Also, since I am new to the entire field of three monitor surround, I plan to get the following monitor







A bit cheaper, (important as getting three means I save 30 bucks!)


Which would you recommend?

is the extra 30 worth it, or can I get the cheaper monitor for the same result?


What I want to know is, is there anything wrong with the monitor, past problems, died quickly, uneven coloring, etc.  Refresh rate and response time's effect specifically in FSX.  Will the setup have problems like lagging, screen tearing (whatever that is), etc.  Sorry if I am coming off as a noob, being my first experience with three displays and all. (I currently use two CRT monitors my school used 20 year ago!)


Thanks in advance,


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i am using 3 24" @ 1920 x 1200 in portrait orientation. thats something you should try aswell. with this setup you get a very big instrumentpanel making it very easy to read wether its a 6 pack of an a2a GA aircraft of the pfd (is that the right term?) on a 747 (using psx).

try buying monitors with relativley thin bezels.


Powered by a gtx 760 with 4gb and surround enabled. on the softwareside running xplane, p3d, dcs and psx.



edit: many people suggest using IPS panel technology. i cant tell wether they are worth it, but mine are all ips. especially for a portrait orientation the acceptable viewinangles are quite different. just try it with your current tftfor a while.

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Thanks all for your replies,


I am on a very tight budget so all the twenty-four inch monitors a little out of price range at the moment.  Portrait mode is a good idea since the monitors I have my eyes on are pretty widescreen.  I don't see on the tech specs if they are IPS, but I view my screens on pretty much straight on, so I don't think the view angle will be too much of a problem.  If anyone has any extra advice, please let me know!


Thanks so much,


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