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  1. +1 My sim machine is offline, but i still bought it and i really looks promising.
  2. Heello world, just received a email newsletter about the early access of Wing42s Lockheed Vegas. I know nothing about that developer studio, but looking at their youtube channel ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5nL3og6QdMJGucEcBdeC0g ) they really have a good eye for details. There is a nice startup video and more. Sadly i am away from my sim machine, so i have to try her at a later day. Ah - I havent seen a plane with a fuzebox with actual spare fuzes. Or a 8day clock, which has to be rewinded. Has anyone already experience with this release? Cheers!
  3. Have a look at siminovations Airmanager. Maybe the aircrafts you use are part of the gauges library. This is how i use my 2nd and 3rd monitor.
  4. Look here (at least for xp 10): http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/32684-norway-pro-vfr-scenery/
  5. Thats a very interesting way to put it. I am quite happy spending lots of money on planes, scenery (mostly great & free in xplane!) but buying a new sim is a different question (il-2 is on my whislist for quite some time). Spending money is a rather irrational matter for me. Thats wasn't true for me with norway. i enjoyed norway pro in xp10 way more than Orbx rendition of it.
  6. A tutorial flight without the AFE would be helpfull. The usage of the powercharts, the difference between high and low blower settings, when to change could be part of that tutorial and make things easier to understand.
  7. Look at this video series, it is quite helpfull. I am running 3x 1920x1200 in portrait using wideview=true and 0.8 zoom. But the zommfactor depends on the distance between you and the screens. i am happy with it. i use ezdok to switch between panel views (overhead, ifr only, radios without trackIR) and the general view of the cockpit with trackir. I only need trackIR in the pattern or on start/landing. the rest can be done by mouse.
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