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  1. Not only but probably they guys that work on product "X" have nothing to do with objectflow, so why would they stop working if they have no effect whatsoever on that...? Some people (not talking about you) just don't think for a second it seems...
  2. Yeah, you would thing everyone works on the same thing, huh...? </sarcasm>
  3. Miami - Buenos Aires should be good... :)
  4. The tropicalsim guys said they can install into v4 (and work) just fine. They have Buenos Aires, Rio and Sao Paulo (among others). And these are pretty new, having been updated/released last year the first two and 2015 the other LatinVFR has one in bolivia that was updated to v4 recently, and the sadly for the rest I don't think there is anything... (well there is, but not v4 compatible and most even just FSX, like Santiago, Montevideo, Caracas, Asuncion, etc..) oh also SABE (the one in Buenos Aires city proper, close to downtown) was added a while back by ORBX to their freeware pack.
  5. Ah.. the carelessness of being 1st world ppl with years of good scenery for your regions... Me I'm jumping right in on this, about time!
  6. Actually, in any case it would be the plane that is "anachronistic", not the radios...
  7. I appreciate your consideration (and patience) to reply time and time again to people asking questions that have already been answered multiple times. And yet I feel disappointed about having asked several times about something and not once being replied to. Specifically: RAAS module.
  8. Has the fs2crew locked RAAS part been added back already? Or is it for a future update?
  9. You ar eright, I did not see the v2 part.
  10. The airports from uk2000 ar multi platform. i.e. you can install straight into p3dv4 if that airport has already been upgraded. No need to "upgrade" anything or such nonesense as posted above. Regards.
  11. I'm confused as to whether this post makes me want to laugh, or cry...
  12. Yes, that's exactly why simulators continue to evolve into their future versions...
  13. Welcome to the world of flight simming...
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