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P3Dv2.5 App Crash on Exit

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Just started.  Installed update couple days ago and no problem first four to six sessions then last two sessions it crashes on exit.  Event view points to module ntdll.dll, which pretty much covers anything that could go wrong.


Has anybody travelled this path to see where it goes?


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The AVSIM CTD Guide provides some probable solutions to the ntdll.dll CTD (and one known fix involving MyTrafficX v5.4c).  Most ntdll.dll crashes are caused by incorrect overclocking settings or a too high or too low CPU voltage.  I use to get these crashes a lot after setting up my overclock.  The overclock was extremely stable and it worked great for a while but suddenly started seeing the ntdll.dll ctd.  Lowered the overclock from 4.4GHz to 4.2GHz and the CTD's went away.  The only way to check to see if it is a BIOS setting is to reset your overclock (if you are overclocked) to the Optimal Defaults.  If the CTD's go away, then that was the cause.  If they continue, you can be almost positively assured it is not your overclock or a setting in the BIOS and you will have to look at other probable causes.


Best regards,

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Lowered the overclock from 4.4GHz to 4.2GHz and the CTD's went away

i5-4670K precisely what I did,Jim.  At 4.4Ghz it was unstable, took it down to 4.2GHz and now it's rock steady. VC =29-32FPS, External Locked Spot 42-56FPS.


Happy as, if I could only get Traffic360 figured out to inject some traffic instead of seeing deserted airports, I'd be in Nirvana!

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