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ASN the only WXR for PMDG

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I'm  a bit confused now because PMDG told that ASN is the only weather that support for PMDG weather radar because if you use another weather radar it's inaccurate because it show a precipit but in fact its cloud, because other weather radar dont have ability to detect precipit,only precipit. now i m a bit confused with PMDG right know. So the story is,someone asked for why his Weather Radar is not working, and yes he didnt use ASN and he showed a picture a thin cloud like cirrus,and after that i told that not every cloud showed in WX radar,only cloud that have a precipt in there,after that GUESS WHAT?they blame me that i'm a stupid man that dont know about WX Radar,bla bla la... and yes i am indeed got bullied. and now im a bit confused with PMDG?Did you really need ASN to make weather radar?i m not going to blame you directly,but im a bit confused right now.. and what do you thinking about ASN and PMDG? I am very appreciated your answer :)

Aldino Nabil Makarim

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Did you really need ASN to make weather radar?


Yes. ASN is currently the only product out there that realistically provides weather radar. There are a number of misconceptions out there in the community, regarding how weather radar works, what it does, and what is required to get it to work in the sim.


In many of the cases where other people are using other products to get weather radar into our planes, they're seeing this because they have at one point installed/used ASN. This should not be discussed or encouraged here. If you have questions regarding this, please speak with someone at HiFi: http://support.hifitechinc.com/

Kyle Rodgers

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I highly recommend ASN, not just for the WXR, but for the incredible immersion it adds to your experience. It's one of the few software you pay for that you can use on every single flight.  Well worth the money.


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The problem with weather radars, other thanr the ASN special system, is that they don´t know the position of the cells.

This means that the radara picture on those weather radars are fake and the cell "cluster"s are placed randomly.


So while the amount of cell "blobs" might depict what the real thing would show, the placements do by far.

You cannot use it to navigate between cells and thus makes it more a gimmick than a usefull tool.


With ASN, cell positions are known. With ASN You can be on a dry spot at one end of the runway, while it rains in the other end f.ex, and this can be depicted on a weather radar using ASN data.


So botom line is that currently ASN is the only weather engine that can supply data to make a realistic and usefull radar picture.



Finn Jacobsen

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