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SOme very interesting reading on mU2

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Good read. While I only have my PPL and have never flown in an MU-2, the MU-2 has, for some reason, always been a favorite of mine. I have friends that owned a charter operation in Georgia that operated MU-2. They loved the airplane, but they required their pilots to attend FlightSafety annually. The MU-2 is such an attractive turboprop because they are relatively inexpensive to purchase and operate. But I've been told it flies more like a jet than a prop. Without proper training, inexperienced pilots can get behind the aircraft easily if they don't pay attention.

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The bottom line is that the MU-2 is a safe airplane, a very safe airplane actually, in the hands of a well trained pilot. It is better built than any other airplane in its class, including the King Air. Its AD and SB history attest to that. It requires an experienced pilot that has undergone the proper training to fly it. Just like any other high performance airplane or jet.


Know what you're doing, and there's not a single airplane out there that can beat it.

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