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  1. Same problem here. But, it doesn't look like this topic is going to get much attention.
  2. I tried the unselect the GTN and then reselect it in the plugin menu and that method did not work. The CDI remained invisible. The course indicator responds though both before and after the unselect-reselct method. How do I determine if the Challenger is using SASL?
  3. Regarding the "first flight": 1. Fresh install of X-Pane 11.11. 2. Fresh install of RXP GTN/ 3. Fresh install of Challenger 300. 4. I start X-Pane with the Challenger selected and program a route in the GTN and the CDI works. I exit out of X-Plane. "Next flight": I restart X-Plane with the Challenger selected and the same route is programmed into the GTN and the CDI does not work. The CDI does work in the B58. But, after loading the B58 and then loading the Challenger, the CDI is now working in the Challenger. That is good enough for me. I don't want to eat up any more of your valuable time as i suspect the problem is with the Challenger. So, thank very much for your help. Sincerely, Ramprat
  4. More on this: I just tried an ILS and the CDI does work with the Nav Source set to Nav 1 and selecting the ILS approach through the GTN 750 menu and frequency selector.
  5. Additional: When I select a Direct To way point the course indicator needle swings to the correct bearing with Nav Source set at FMS1 as it should. But, there is no course deviation needle showing left/right of course information. The odd thing is I have done two reinstalls of X-P and just installed the Challenger and the RXP GTN and both times the first flight did have the left/right info. Then every time after the first flight, the CDI is missing. So, something changed in both cases that resulted in the problem. And I didn't add or subtract any other program and used the same route for each test.
  6. Thank you for the prompt reply. 1. The Reality XP GTN 750 1 does have the "Master Device" bullet checked. 2. The GUI Settings Panel does have "Connect GPS to HSI" blue square checked. 3. Gauge Options has Pilot selected for the Cockpit Side option.
  7. Hi, I am running X-Plane 11.11 and RXP GTN 750 ver 2.4.14. My problem is the course indicator on the HSI does not talk to the GTN. It DID work once, the first time I loaded it. But every time since the initial flight, there is no connection between the course indicator and the GTN. I have tried all the nav source options and all the boxes are checked on the options menu of the GTN. I hope someone can help with this as the RXP GTN 750 is way superior to the FMS IMO. Thank you in advance for any help.
  8. Anybody else have the "door" light on even when the door is closed? Thanks, Bill Disregard, I found the "door lock" switch and that took care of it.
  9. Thank you for this. Maybe now I won't forget the gear... :dance:
  10. True Scott, Back in the "day" when general aviation was thriving, there was a company called "SCOTT" (ironic) that make portable O2 setups that would strap on the back of the seat and included a regulator and multiple connections for the the pilot and passengers. Quite common in those days.
  11. Thank you Ramon. It actually smells better now with your clean up. Whew!
  12. Thanks for the heads zup. I will wait for a patch that may never come. :wink:
  13. The NAV mode on the AP will not engage. All the other modes work. I had the same issue with the GTN mod before. I had to put a flight plan in the ProLine to get the NAV mode to engage then it would track the GTN flight plan. Hi Jim, PM me if you are still having problems.
  14. Yes. The GTN is in GPS mode and the Green course is displayed correctly in the PFD.
  15. Thank you Mod Squad! I can not get the NAV mode to work with a course programed in the GTN for some reason. It's acting like the ProLine 21 is still in the mix and not having a flight plan. Everything else is working fine. What am I missing? Thanks, Bill
  16. Thank you Ray. But when I click on the link, It advises the file is not available.
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