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Famous Northeast Shuttle Service Using Steve Dra's Paint!

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Shalom and greetings all my pals,

Presenting Eastern Airline A300B2-200's exclusive Shuttle Plus service between Boston and New York, Boston and Washington, and New York and Washington!!!!

Weather had been cleared and long backlog of line of waiting planes were starting engines to resume taxi to runway for takeoff.  Here is one of the waiting planes starting engines in front of famed hanger at KLGA LaGuardia airport!!


Take off run on runway 22L at KBOS Boston Logan international airport for flight to KLGA!!


After arrival from KBOS now approaching Eastern's Shuttle Service terminal at KLGA


Rainy take off from KBOS runway 22L for flight to KIAD




Retracting landing gear


Climbing to FL300


Check out famed Boston harbor!!


Entering thick clouds


Emerging from top of clouds out of bad weather to cruise at FL300 to KDCA


Cruising at FL300


Thank you for viewing.  Stay tuned for next exciting flight.



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Love those shots...wonderful skyline!



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Great shots Aharon!


Sorry I haven't replied to your IM's....just a lot going on in the real world at the moment.

I'll get the tweaks done to this paint and get them to you. :wink:


Thanks for the great series on this paint.  Personally I like the white livery the best, but this one is ok (because its Eastern  :Applause: )





What model is that?  Nice shots.

Hey Kyle,

Its the old (but still great-looking) SGA A-300.  It's available over at are a bunch of my other paints.  They were all loaded here at Avsim before the hack (where I lost many paints), and I only re-uploaded about 1/4 of my paints back here before I ran out of steam. (Packaging and uploading repaints is quite the chore, lol).

Anyway, just search my last name over there and you'll find this model.  The gray shuttle paint is only in Aharon's hangar, if you want a copy let me know and I'll send it.

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Thanks all for kind words.


Captkorndog,  I guess Steve Dra answered your question.  It is good old fashioned totally FREEWARE FREEWARE SGA A300 model made in 2004 yet looks TIMELESS masterpiece!!!!


Steve,  that is okay  Please take time. I thought you are mad at me for requesting corrections  LOL  I did not realize you did not have chance to look at my PMs.  LOL 


I do not know about gray color but if you think it is realistic correct, then do not fix the gray color.  The shuttle plus words just need to be in bold font and needs on right side too.


Meanwhile,  I have shown to real life Eastern pilots who had flown that plane and they are now examining my screenshots' livery painting.  Let's hope they will tell me it is realistic!!!





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