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Aircraft Add-on compatibility?

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I have been a long suffering FSX user, but have just built a new PC and was considering moving to P3D. However, having invested in FSX aircraft addons, could someone please advise / confirm which of the following are P3D compatible?


ifly 737

Carenado B1900D

Carenado Cessna Q182

Carenado Seneca

Majestic Q8-400

Aerosoft Dash6 (Twitter)

JustFlight A320

JustFlight 757 Freemium


Many thanks for any advice re above.



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Hi Stuart, I have made the switch a few weeks ago and I'll never look back. That's just me, of course. I use the "Estonian Migration Tool" and have ported almost all my planes (and scenery, incl. ORBX that doesn't have yet a native P3D v.2 installer) with it. That includes all my Carenado, CS, Aerosoft Twotter extended, Digital Aviation etc planes (sorry, I don't have the ifly 737 and also not your JustFlight 757/A320. my JustFlight 742 has a native P3D 2.5 installer. The only planes I found that will not work for me in P3D (at least I have not found a workable solution yet), are the Milviz F-86 and the Sibwings Antonov An2. 



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Hi Stuart,


Owning and running them in P3Dv2.5 I can confirm the

Carenado Seneca (II + V)

Aerosoft Dash6

JustFlight 757 Freemium


In general even older FS9 aircrafts may run but restrictions apply to the extend that you do not want to use them in P3Dv2. Most of the Virtual Cockpits will not work or show up properly since they were built into the model files. For example the CLS 767 works fine in P3Dv2 using the 2D panels. Its' VC shows up nicely but it cannot be used to control the aircraft since none of the clickspots are functional. The CLS DC-10 does not work at all; a CTD results in the attempt to select it from the vehicles list or when starting P3Dv2 having it selected.




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There is also the license issue, unless you have permission expressly granted under the EULA for the aircraft concerned you are not necessarily entitled to install a product intended for one sim in another. 


Most dual licenses now include dual installers, so that makes a legal choice far easier - usual route is just download the updated installer.

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Just make sure you install SimConnect. I was mad mad MAD because none of my planes had working gauges! Not even the little FeelThere ERJ!! 


Then I installed SimConnect and all was well :)   


You're gonna poop your pants when you see just the shading in P3D....well, I know I did :)





Good lord its been awhile...I haven't simmed in years...its like an old best friend...I've gotta change my sig. I'm a 700 hr commercial MEL pilot now :)

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