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One way to get into cockpit is to be a model

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Of course it was a dumb thing for the crew to allow this but...little things like this bug me:


"...a video was uploaded to social media showing the model flying a passenger plane during takeoff".


Oh come on. She pushed the throttles forward from the jumpseat, under total supervision from the crew. Safety risk? Of course. Still, that's not "flying the plane". But I guess this is what we've come to expect from journalism these days.

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as I can't believe two pilots could be that dumb.

Even if they were this dumb they were even dumber for allowing her to take any pictures/video.

By the way, didn't these two remember what happened to other pilot(s) in the Latin world (I think in Mexico) say a year or two ago - there was a very similar incident and very similar outcome for the pilot(s).

If they are that dumb or ignorant - they deserve it.

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