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Scenery artifacts in 2.5, after installing ORBX Global...

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Two days ago I decide to buy P3Dv2. Installed and tunned it for my rig ( i5 2500 @ 3,3 GHz and 1GB GTX 650 Ti graphics ) and I am very satisfied so far.


The sim feels even smoother than FSX:SE, and I wasn't expecting it to perform that way, because I do not have a top rig, far from that, and read about stutters in many posts.


Tried Affinity at 14, but rolled back to full 4 cores. Just limited TIR5 to core 1 because it is giving me some CTDs from time to time with DCS 


I was even positively surprised by it's performance with PSX! Smoother than FSX:SE ! and weather injects better ( using Visual PSX ).


Now, when I installed ORBX FTX Global it complained about not finding "terrain,cfg" on P3Dv2's main install folder. I latter found I had to copy into that folder the one under "Progarm Data", did it, and the sim started without problems, BUT, from time to time I see strange structures ranging from ground level to the sky, like huge towers.  If I set AUTOGEN to NULL in P3Dv2, the artifacts disappear.


It's not even a big deal for me, since I use AUTIGEN at the minimums and only have the Scenery slider in Dense, but I would like to know what might be causeing it ?


BTW: ASN with an internal patch under test is working beautifully in P3Dv2.5 ( latest release )!


Any hints about these artifacts really welcomed :)

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The issue with not finding terrain.cfg is fixed when you apply the Orbx libraries. Make sure you install the libraries for P3D2 and not P3D1.


You do not need to manually move anything, but installing the Orbx libraries after you install any Orbx product is mandatory.

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Will, thx for the prompt reply!


I did that already, and made sure they were the v2 libraries, and the artifacts were gone until I restarted the sim this morning, and started seeing those huge towers ( spikes ) here & there.


Turning autogen full left appears to clear it, but still, I have to understand what's the cause...

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My guess is you are seeing the smokestack issue that I mentioned a few months back.  If you fly into KPHL you should see it really bad.   It seems only a few people are getting this artifact.  I mentioned it on the P3D forums so I'm not sure if it will be fixed with the next version or if its just not reproducible on their side as there was no response.


IF this is what it is the only solution I found is to replace the g3d.dll with the original from 2.5 first release.  If you just purchased P3D you will probably not have it and I'm not sure how to solve your issue.


I always keep a backup copy of my g3d.dll now but not sure of the legalities of sending you the file to see if it helps.

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Thx Sean,


will try to find posts with screenshots about those "smoke stacks" and see if it's the same artifacts I have.


Mine look like scenery spikes ( swords ) extending from Ground Level to the skies....

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The terrain .cfg could have been corrupted - you don't just `copy` one entry over another, it needs to be installed and updated.


Presumably you backed up the original before you changed it, so just make that `live`, then launch FTX Central V2 and set FTX Global to `live` as well. That should fix it.

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