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Dassault Mercure Newsletter #2

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It has been a while when I first posted shots about this project. So much you may have thought the project was ditched... absolutely not! These has been a lot going on...! Again it will be a FS-9 and FS-X Freeware aircraft (FS-X edition to be DX10 compatible, do not even ask about P3D...). Let's get straight to the shots!




General Layout! The model is fully mappede already, but since the textures contain only UVW map screenshots for now they look just awful, and I disabled them for the shots...




Flaps & Spoilers. Everything animated with actuators included.




Again for Flaps & slats, with jack-screws, guide rails and everything keyframed!




Engine fans! Love these JT-8Ds!!




Main Gear. Also check out the thrust reverser cascade vanes!!




RAT. If it is 3D modeled, it will be in the systems modelling as well! For the Mercure the RAT provides only hydraulic back-up...




Details of the nose. PItots, probes and windshield wipers. The latter are animated as well, and shown "fully out" in the picture. They will affect VC rain effect and will animate in 2D panel too...




Tail detail, showing an open APU intake. I will figure out a way to get the APU functioning in FS... (FS-X has APU but it is junk...)


Also, I have the Flight Dynamics at an advanced state (may be considered ready except for a few details like temp and press indications, easy to set-up) A few notes:


  • Engines hold constant Nx % values for given throttle settings. E.G. set to Max Cont. N1 and forget. Most FS aircraft like to have RPM all over the place as you climb and accelerate... NOT here!!
  • Engine power calculated from real data tables
  • advanced aerodynamic predictors used (like DATCOM and AVL, with help of the Flight Dynamics Workbook). The Mercure does not feel "on rails" like a lot of FS airliners. It however flies smooth and gentle, but improper handling will result in oscillations. It was nicknamed "Le chasseur de Air Inter" for a reason: you can roll it, although this is a forbidden maneuver... 
  • Feels a tad under-powered during takeoff (same engines as 732 but heavier), but once the wheels are off, it CLIMBS. you can set max climb and hold 3500 FPM for a while :)
  • All mach tables filled in. The more data I added, the better it behaved at altitude. A Dassault product it is! An aerodynamic marvel!
  • Stall is 160KIAS clean, 110KIAS full flaps (numbers for full weight). Can land on fairly short runways, but the benefit is negated by the required take-off run...
  • Stall behavior: gentle at start, just let go of the pressure. max AoA is 12° only, but not easy to reach! A mild wing rocking may be observed prior to stall (buffet). During turns a mild wing snap may occur. Force the stall and prepare for an unrecoverable flat spin ...

Next up I will texture the external model, then work on the interiors. Last, the Virtual Cockpit, 2D panel, and gauges/systems!


It may be a while again before you have more news on the project :)






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Nice Mario, looking forward to this bird ,  even your OSM is very good and also works in FSX  except  the landuse :)

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Nice Mario, looking forward to this bird ,  even your OSM is very good and also works in FSX  except  the landuse :)


Thanks for comments :) Works on FS-X? great news! never tested it there :D

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