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FlyJSim 732 Updated

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Version 1.1508.1036


There has been a lot fixed as well as many things added in this update.


Here is the complete update notes:



New Sounds

  • Switches, knobs, buttons, etc, all now have 3d positioned sounds, recorded from actual 737 panels.
  • Added APU sounds.
  • Added Trim wheel sound,
  • Added spoiler arm deploy sound for landing
  • Added spoiler deploy low rumble
New Systems added

  • Added Instrument Comparator system
  • Added GPWS system, with new system sounds and functionality
  • Added Compass/NAV/Vert Gryo switching system
  • Added Trip/Date recorder system. You can change these to whatever you like, hit button and it saves.
  • Added Compass system panels.
  • Changed graphics on cockpit voice recorder panel, including the test needle animation
  • Added 3d CIVA panel for those who have CIVA installed on this aircraft.
  • Added voice recorder test functionality(needle moves)
New options

  • Added Option to disable Copilot Callouts
  • Added option to disable the Weight and Balance system from changing X-Planes values for payload and CG. This is a fix for FS-Economy users.
  • Added option to remove HF wire.
Vcard changes

  • Added trim setting to the takeoff Vcard
  • EPR setting on Vcard for takeoff now changes, usually for hot and height takeoffs. When the Vcard is open to takeoff, the EPR bug on the engine display is updated for you.
  • If takeoff flaps are not set in the Vcard, they will sync to your takeoff flaps when passing 80 kts during your takeoff roll to ensure you get the proper bugs and callout for V1/rotate
New Pushback system

  • Added Pushback popup system, activated by hitting the Gnd Call button on the center overhead.
  • Gives option for Manual pushback, or automatic pushback.
  • Auto Pushback allows you to set distance, tail turn, turn degree.
  • Can display a ghost of the aircraft as an estimate of the pushed position.
Cockpit light changes

  • Added light glow to several annunciator lights in the cockpit, including the park brake light, trim light, marker lights, Fire lights and some radio lights.
  • Exterior lighting
  • Added cabin lighting to exterior
Smart Copilot 

  • Smart Copilot files updated to reflect system changes.
  • With 3D CIVA, now synced. Master controlled.
Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed bug in APU bleed pressure staying around even if APU was turned off.
  • PAX chimes now sound when turned off as well.
  • Fixed Engine start sounds playing when no bleed pressure to start engines.
  • Fixed BUSS typo.
  • Fixed typos in options menu.
  • Fixed issue where the Flight Director knob would not turn to approach mode.
  • Fixed the stick shaker sound not playing with the system test.
  • Fixed issue were aircraft would turn the wrong way when capturing the ILS.
  • Spoilers now retract if throttle moved up for takeoff while in ground.
  • Fixed issue with yaw damper being too sensitive in turbulence. You can now keep it on.
  • Fixed door position for autogate.
  • Fixed Gen drive temp issue where they were only shown if generator was attached to the bus.
  • Added breakaway thrust so the plane will no longer roll forward with idle thrust at the gate or after pushback.
  • Fixed APU fuel consumption, APU now takes fuel from the left tank.
  • Fixed issue with APU sound playing when no fuel in left tank
  • Fixed HDG and CRS displays from showing values greater than 360.
  • Fixed some LIT texture bugs on the copilot side.
  • Added text for the aft console FLOOR and PANEL lights.
  • Map FMS red line removed from the weather radar.
  • Fixed fuel valve closed lights. Now show as dim.
  • Fixed Vertical gyros to be wound down on cold and dark properly
  • Redid the autobrake system. Now should work properly, with proper deceleration rates.

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Is anyone able to connect successfully via SmartCopilot with .cfg included in this patch?

For me it disconnects both parties as soon as connection is established. Tried "old" 1.04 B732 config from SmartCopilot website and it worked with updated B732, but obviously things like CIVA INS synchronization didn't.



With 3D CIVA, now synced. Master controlled.


Assuming the provided SmartCopilot.cfg works, why is that? When i hand fly a departure i want to my co-pilot to work with CIVA when we get direct from ATC!

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Hi rdb.


Here is a dedicated thread about the 737 and FJS:



The new smartco file works very well (tested with smartcopilot2 v2.03).


Master controlled only mean that .fms flight plans can only be the master's one. Also,only the master can use CIVA helper.


All other actions are mirored from master to slave and vice versa.



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Thanks! i wonder where do i get SmartCopilot 2.03? The latest i can see on the website is 2.01b.

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They're actually on build 2.04 post #413

Many thanks!

Will try latest SmartCopilot build with 732 on next occasion.

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