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Great free app for European charts

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"13700 aeronautical charts".


Sounds good.



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Hi All,


Just so you are aware. I do not think this is free!





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I've just downloaded this and taken a quick look. 


First impression is that this is an excellent tool that I can see myself using regularly.  It makes finding up-to-date charts much easier than digging through various countries' AIP websites. 


The free version has a few unobtrusive ads and doesn't allow downloading of charts onto the device.  For a RW pilot (the target market, according to the app description) that would be a big problem and limits the usefulness of the free version, but for us flight simmers who are sitting in front of PCs and have internet access, this restriction matters little - I would prefer it to be this way!  I wonder if the developer realises what a gift he's given simmers..... 


There are also versions for some other parts of the world: US, Middle East, Asia, Russia, Brazil.


Edit: Europe, Middle East and Asia versions work well, but for me the charts aren't opening in the US and Russia versions.


Edit to the edit: I messaged the developer, who responded (very quickly, to his credit) that the US and Russia charts are linked to the US and Russian databases which are updated every 28 days, and he hasn't yet found a way to get this to work on the free version.  Other regions work well though.

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