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  1. Ah, My mistake, in that case I humbly apologize for my comments. I thought it was a payware scam like some of the stuff I've been seeing being sold for MSFS 2020. I should have checked before I posted. I take back what I said, and good luck to them.
  2. Looks like utter rubbish. I will wait patiently for FSLABS to do an airbus in MS2020, before i get interested.
  3. Hi Ben, Great videos so far. Really enjoying the format. I have a request that I think would be helpful to allow users to get the most out of these tutorials. Would you be able to include the flight plans and maybe the weather/setup file for P3D? This would then allow users to follow through in the videos and try and duplicate what they are watching. I know I would find this useful. Maybe they could be kept with the video episode downloads (when they are ready for download). Just a thought. Cheers Neil
  4. Outstanding piece of payware!! If only I had a spare $12. I love the way they pay tribute to FS2004 with their choice of textures! Outstandingly retro, takes me back to scenery in the good old days :) THis type of work puts the like of FS Dreamteam, Flytampa and Aerosoft to shame!!
  5. I don't see it as bashing PMDG. People are just voicing what many people feel about them. Myself included. As I know exactly who they are referring to on their forum who has now left. As mentioned RSR does like to wax lyrical about how great his products are which again is fine. They are not a charity, they are a business and as such should support their customers and are not immune from critic. I have been a long time customer of theirs and have most of their Aircraft. In my opinion they used to lead the pack in producing the best airliners in flightsim and as such had an arrogance about them (which i think is still there, to some degree). Now however with FSLABS and MadogX they have been overtaken and surpassed in quality and features. They no longer are the leaders, as that title has been taken by FSLABS and Fly the Madog. It will be interesting to see if they can catch back up. But healthy competition can only be good for us all.
  6. I think you are getting confused with Fighter A/C. Commercial aircraft are required to be very aerodynamically stable and should not exhibit instability. If they did they would not get a certificate. That's part of the issue with the MAX and why the MCAS was invented to help mask the aerodynamic instability caused by the bigger engines in a different position.
  7. It's definitely an Aprils fool joke. Any serious developer with such a massive announcement in the flightsim world would never do so on April the 1st. An obvious wind up.
  8. Hi Ben, Great videos, and good value, really enjoying them. I'm up to video 4 and if i could point out one small issue. Video 4 at 45 min and 40 secs when you do your 747 control checks, you have your fwd and aft back to front. You push while saying full aft and you pull while saying full fwd. Just a minor point, but probably quite important when flying, don't you think? Lol. Really looking fwd (see what i did there) to your next airport, (maybe you could do a poll for suggestions) and your A320 training series. Be great to get into the guts of the FSLABS A320. Cheers Neil
  9. Actually it very much is used at at least one other airport in the UK, Gatwick is 160 until 4 dme.
  10. I don,t think you can blame this one on cabin crew! I think it has more to do with the pilots, don't you think?
  11. An interesting article, take PMDG as an example, for a company that makes arguably the second best flightsim Aicraft (FSLABS Airbus is number 1 by a country mile). It's a shame their attitude in the forums can often come across to paying customers as at best obtuse and at worse rude and condesending. let's be honest, their products are not cheap and as a paying customer I would expect a better attitude to the customer. I think Hiflyer hits the nail on the head with his comments. I for one hope developers like PMDG can improve their customer service on the forums.
  12. Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0113' Script timed out /ProductCart/pc/gwReturn.asp The maximum amount of time for a script to execute was exceeded. You can change this limit by specifying a new value for the property Server.ScriptTimeout or by changing the value in the IIS administration tools. Thats what i get after paying for it!!
  13. Jimmy, they are a commercial entity. They exist to make money from us flight simmers. They are not doing it for free. Do you understand this concept? Because you seem to think that we should all just bow down before them and not question or discuss anything about them. Their time, effort and planning is rewarded by them charging us a lot of money to by their product. The more time, effort and planning they put in to the product, the more they benefit from selling more units. Why do you think we should not be able to discuss, criticise and comment on their products? If they were a charity or volunteers I would feel differently, however they are not.
  14. Hi Rob, She is a beauty to fly and very satisfying, I think once you throw in a few failures you will breeze through them, the ECAM procedures will help you know what to do. I'm probably teaching you to suck eggs here, but blackbox 711 on youtube does some great tutorial videos on the A320 with lots of failures thrown in. Well worth a watch if you haven't seen them before. Cheers Neil
  15. Hi Rob, " I've never flown or will fly an A320 and the A320 is very much a "mode" aircraft that really isn't meant to be flown "by hand" much." The same could be said for all large commercial aircraft. However the A320 series are very nice to fly by hand, with fly by wire making them easy and predictable to fly manually. In fact they are arguable the easiest aircraft to fly by hand as autotrim takes care of much of a pilots workload. The simple fact is that a lot of airlines SOPS restrict manual flight as they believe it is safer and more economical to let the computer fly the thing! But that's another story. :)
  16. Can you imagine if P3D bought this engine and integrated it into P3D! Even better, if they bought the company :)
  17. I see, makes sense I guess. Weird why some flights carry on using them. You would think it would be more helpful and easy enough to not use them.
  18. Hi Simon, Good info as always. Can I ask why controllers don't like call signs beginning with zero? I hadn't,t heard of that. cheers neil
  19. As a vocal critic of this software with the offline issues I feel I must say what an outstanding update. The developer has listened to the community and taken action. This program keeps getting better and better and is a must have for any serious flightsimmer. Good job and well done. cheers Neil
  20. Keven, You really need to sort out an offline version. This isn't the first time it's happened! You need to have a plan B. Not impressed
  21. Come on Developers, we paid our money for this product which we can't use. Sort it out and get an offline version out ASAP. Not good enough.
  22. Hi I would suggest you get your facts correct before posting incorrect information, might be a good idea to start by reading the manual. Realistic IRS alignment is simulated. In your opinion it may not be up to the level of PMDG (although by your example, this seems to be based on your ignorance rather than by any hard facts). In my opinion FSLABS A320 is the most realistic aircraft that has ever been created for flightsim on any platform.
  23. I have just spent a very frustrating half an hour trying to buy Night Environment GB. I finally managed to do so,however i have no way of downloading and installing it! It has got to be the worst possible website design, I am unable to log in, a total shambles and I will not be purchasing from them again. I have raised a support ticket and will see ehat happens. Not impressed so far.
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