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Symposium nextgenflightsim

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Hello all


I am no newbie when it comes to flight simulation but I am new to the forum here, as i have been reading the post on the nextgenflightsim I noticed it was back in may but what I could not understand is all the nay sayers, rather then yes awsome lets do this we can do this or enthusiam alot of people saying its a waste of time or we cant do it or we wont.


let me just say i am a developer for years i have modeled aviation products and scenes however I have never posted or sold them because I havent seen a reason to as of yet to do so.I have spoken with sascha who is the creator of fs evo and showed him some of my work and he was very excited for it and asked when i would release it but i have not yet.


one reason for this is because the development tools for integration with flightsim are not easy at times plus with all the limits of memory and graphics capabilities its not always 100 percent build then place thers alot of troubleshooting, that being said i know for a fact that its time people see the potential that they have.


Its not fair for others when people hinder and mock the dreams and ideas of potential works!


flightsims are gems they are the most advanced simulations out there because not only are there aircraft coding modeling and reference but actual real geographical features, so bassicly we create an exact replica of earth, im not saying its easy said done but im also saying its not impossible either.


I have also supported aerofly with there up and coming flight sim for ios and pc i believe that everyone deserves a chance even infinite flight.


Dont get me wrong i love fs9 ive like pushed it to its limits with realism textures scenery and years and years of tweaks ive sought out all corners of the net for anything to improve it even effects im very passionate about flightsim its like, all i do is improve it my one goal was to improve the entire earth texture and mesh scenery.


but im alwyas expanding my horizons with new posibilities



the question remains do you have the desire or the will to do it?


I am a developer i cant code but i can model and i can model anything but my desire to do so is based upon something that motvates me

rather then develop for old technology consider the posibility of expanding new posibilites like outerra or uniengine.


this is a quote from nextgenflightsim.com


this is what they are telling everyone there commited to


The NGIS: Promise

Since we began this project in May 2015, as a Symposium, we have been actively gathering a team of dedicated developers who have one goal, which is the building of a Next Generation Flight Simulator.

Our promise to you is that we won’t stop until this simulator is completed and made available for you to enjoy.

Along with that promise, we fully intend to continue asking you for your input as to the features most wanted by you, the flight simulator enthusiasts, as well as those of you who are new to this category of civilian, commercial, and military flight. And once we’ve gathered those features, we fully intend to put those features into the finished product as much as can be accomplished given the tools available.

We’ve got a tremendous head start… through our collaborative effort with UNiGiNE, the tools that we’ll need to create the Next Generation Flight Simulator have already been created and continue to be created with our input.

In addition modern, up-to-date tools such as World Machine, GeoGlyph, Global Mapper, and many others, along with superb 3D models, textures, as well as the latest geospatial data from resources such as GeoTIFF, NASA , USGS LCI, European Environment Agency (CORINE), GLCF, OpenStreeMap , Vector Data and Raster Data, we fully expect to create the most comprehensive full planet earth model ever created.

We also fully intend to turn to you, the community, for your help to extend the available data to include specific landmarks, monuments, airports, etc. in the form of images and coordinates that can be modeled to bring out specific features of your favorite areas around the world. This could be your home town, a national park, or anything that has significance to the places you enjoy visiting.

The future of flight simulation deserves to go beyond what is currently available and what is being promised by the likes of “BIG BUSINESS” and will most probably be more of the same.

More importantly, flight simulation deserves to continue to develop in parallel with the technologies in software and hardware of the future.



All it takes is a seed

if you help it

it will grow into

a tree


critics can do whatever they want


but i know that people love there flightsims and im not telling you to abandon them all i am saying is if you feel like this could be something

dont be afraid to add your 2 cents, but at the same time dont critizie what you havent seen.


but the truth remains you cant judge until you try

so rather then critize the dreams of others why not give it a push

and see what becomes of it.


i will be applying to help them out because i believe in what they can do and the more the support the faster we can take off ;)


best wishes to all aviation enthusiasts and professionals


sincerely C05MIC


"Let the sky carry us through this journey to the infinite future of the clear blue"


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Looked at this site at the beginning of Oct. and it appears that this project is moving forward quickly. They have announced that they will produce a progress map right on the website for all to see. The feature list includes everything we all have wanted, yes including a whole earth, and this list is growing. The best part is the developers are simmers, not a group that has to answer to a board of directors or a marketing department. Lots of big names are a part of the development team including former ACES staff, so the problem of how is history, now the question is when.


I think the more we show support, the faster a new simulator that we all appreciate can be realized. It does no harm in encouraging this effort with a simple forum post on their forum. And we do not have to give up our love for our current sim's or add-ons, heck, I just flew in FS4 from Meigs to Kankakee for fun, and my copy of FS5 did not get in the way. The transition from FS4 to FS5(.1) was a *huge* jump for flight simulation and I can still enjoy them both along with P3D V3 :-)

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I think I can speak for a lot of other members here when I say that despite the words being very passionate about this new project, the proof is in the proverbial pudding.  Video, screenshots from the sim and any other information dealing with the development could change their minds.  I've seen what is there now, but too many unknowns to pass judgement.



Engage, research, inform and make your posts count! -Jim Morvay

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Paul, that demo is from the engine tho, not from them.

And it's years old :)

Still amazing, tho, on that i can agree.

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Paul, that demo is from the engine tho, not from them.


And it's years old :)


Still amazing, tho, on that i can agree.


I did not realize that this was out in Feb 2014, thank you for pointing that out.


However, that makes this even more important, because if this is before Unigine version 2 then version 2 will be even better than this Valley benchmark (wow), and version 2 is what the NGFS is being developed with along with other tools. True that NGiS and Unigene are not the same company, but they actually work very closely together - here is a quote from an October 19, 2015 news update:



Working Relationship with UNIGINE

I'm happy to announce that Team NGiS is working very closely with UNIGINE in a collaborative partnership. This relationship is significant to both NGiS and UNIGINE as there are several mutual interests which can go forward much sooner than if NGiS were left to there own.

With this relationship, UNIGINE, will be concentrating on the tools that NGiS will need in order to bring to the public a significant change in simulation and entertainment software as well as the future progress towards an ongoing goal of creating a higher and higher level of "as real as it gets".


And here is the latest news update:


News Update November 4th, 2015

Another couple of weeks just flew by and much faster than any of us would care to admit. For some of us Halloween has come and gone and we’re moving towards the normal end of the year's Holidays.

So… what have we been doing and what does Next Generation iNTERACTiVE Software have in store for the final two months of 2015?

Well, first… let’s catch you up with an update.

Time Marches On

If this is your first time visiting NGiS, you might be surprised to learn that we’re just coming up on the beginning of our 3rd month in Phase II, the development Phase. Yep, we’ve only been at this for two months (on the 7th of Nov.)

On September 15thFlightsim.com put us in the Limelight by publishing an article entitled “Next Generation Flight Simulator Is Coming”. From that moment on we’ve been on a roll, collecting data, recruiting a development team, having lots and lots of discussions, designing the Next Generation Flight Simulator, getting flight simulator enthusiasts feedback in the forum, set up a fairly cool Features Board, designing and in the process of creating a new fan site for the NGFS, solidified our relationship with UNIGINE, and generally, we’ve been staying quite busy.


As of today, NGiS has a total of 33 Team Members, every one of them a flight simulator enthusiasts and every one of them very capable of doing the tasks necessary for the creation of a next generation flight simulator. We’re extremely pleased by the level of developers that we’ve got on TEAM NGiS; all with amazing talents who will bring about the, very much needed, next evolution is flight simulation.

We have just 7 slots still opened (for the immediate future) for anyone who feels that they can contribute to the development of the Next Generation Flight Simulator. If at all interested you’re invited to read “A Golden Opportunity”, but I wouldn’t wait too long as these slots are going extremely fast.

NGiS Vision Forward

As part of the design process we’ve created a document entitled “NGiS and our Vision Forward”. The primary purpose of this document was to ensure that every TEAM NGiS member was focused on the same goals of the team as a whole. This step ensured that our vision was one in the same and that we all work together as one towards the process of creating a next generation flight simulator. I wish I could share this document with all of you, but… there’s some very sensitive information as to our direction that we wouldn’t want to reveal at this time.


Another extremely important part of creating a new flight simulator is becoming familiar with the 3D engine that we intend to use and in doing so we’re discovering  the amazing power of UNIGINE 2. The rumors that UNIGINE 2 doesn’t have the capabilities to create a whole earth flight simulator are far exaggerated to say the least. Rest assured the key element, the 3D engine, is more than capable and fulfills our expectations, and way beyond. The UNIGINE developers are extremely talented and have created a truly elegant and efficient tool.


To get TEAM NGIS up to speed regarding UNIGINE 2, as well as the other tools we’ll be using, along with what we’ll need to create in-house, it has been determined the most productive way to become efficient is to create a SHOWCASE TECH DEMO.

Hopefully that got a few of you excited!

What do we mean by SHOWCASE?

Everything we intend to have in the initial release of the Next Generation Flight Simulator will be showcased in this demo; i.e. – amazing terrain features, full flight dynamics, physics, a fully operable aircraft (maybe two and perhaps even a helicopter), full functioning weather, day/night cycle, season cycles, fully generated cities/towns using data that will allow the generation of building, trees, etc. in real world positions, key airports fully modeled, and everything else you’d expect from a next generation flight simulator. We even intend to have fully functioning APT/ATC/AI.

In truth, the SHOWCASE TECH DEMO will be a flight simulator unto itself (just in an exclusive area); providing the same experience that you’ll have when the Next Generation Flight Simulator is released. In fact this SHOWCASE DEMO will be implemented as one of the SHOWCASE areas within the initial release itself.

The Goal, to create an “I WANT IT NOW!” experience!

As you can imagine creating such a demo will prepare TEAM NGiS for the “BIG” push for release of the very first flight simulator to utilize new/modern technologies, pushing the envelope of “As real as it gets” beyond the 10 year slump since the demise of Aces Studios.  That’s pretty exciting stuff!


This SHOWCASE TECH DEMO will be centered on an island in the South of France called Corsica.

With Corsica’s diverse and beautiful terrain, wonderful architecture, fantastic shorelines, 4 airports, and amazing water features, how could we resist?

Do we have a time frame for this SHOWCASE TECH DEMO? Yes we do!

Can we tell you when it will be released? Yep!

When it’s ready!

November & December  

Our goal over the next two months is to complete the Architectural Design of the Next Generation Flight Simulator, become intimately familiar with the tools for developing, assist UNIGINE where ever we can in fine tuning some of the tools involved in creating a new flight simulator, and get ready to move on to full development starting January 2016.

- Stephen Borick

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Stephen talks a lot.


When they come out with their own demo, then we'll see. Right now they have yet to ship a single software artifact (even a tech demo).




Luke Kolin

I make simFDR, the most advanced flight data recorder for FSX, Prepar3D and X-Plane.

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It is a little too optimistic so far, but hey, i hope they can finalize it for real. Surely it will take time.

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Stephen talks a lot.


When they come out with their own demo, then we'll see. Right now they have yet to ship a single software artifact (even a tech demo).








Agreed that talk is cheap, and there has only been lots of "talk" in the FS community for decades about how good a product truly is. I could give so many examples of total cheap talk even after a product is released concerning "volumetric" clouds, and "cheap talk" about improved frame rates with certain utilities or .cfg settings. There is so much cheap talk all over these very forums every day.


You remember the LDS 757 talk, the countless OOM solutions, the endless FPS gain "miracles" that turn out to be cheap talk.

How about the countless posts about ones knowledge about another person and the slander that follows?


Why assume that Stephen is lying or is being deceptive? Why not encourage him?  I think someday we are all going to look back at these last 10 years in the home-based flight simulator realm and say what a total shame and waste, "we could have had a V8".   


The reality is that the flight sim's we have to choose from currently are too far behind the technology curve and NGiS is trying to solve this. Why not cheer them on? Who does it hurt to just be a little supportive of NGiS by at least wishing them well?


It seems so much easier to shun rather than give the benefit of the doubt, but it is not.


Avsim has made a point to make the France news a headline recently. The day before, France was nothing to Avsim. Would it take a terrible tragedy to happen to NGiS for Avsim to post a news item about them?


Luke, surly you know its so much better and easier to be nice....just like when you got a copy of FSX for your daughter, that was kind of you.

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