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P3Dv3 - This Makes The Update Worth Evrery Penny

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Hi Everyone,


A partial C/P from Beau Hollis


"Seeing the customer demand for using a combination of heavy add-ons while taking advantage of all the new features of v2, we made memory optimization a top priority for v3. We are very proud of the engine enhancements we were able to make and are excited to see what the community will be able to do with access to more system and video memory in v3."


That in-and-of-itself is worth the ticket for admittance, everything else is just gravy!. Purchased my copy at 1:21pm.


Thanks L/M, without you guy picking up where M/S left off we'd have nothing more than a relic of what we have today.

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So far we have a thread on a reported OOM here said to have happened only after 5 mins of flight in the F35 , and I saw one on a Twitch Stream of 3.0 today of the NGX flying locally around CYYZ.



My Youtube Videos!


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Early days (hours) yet. I'm sure they didn't spend all of this time and testing for naught.

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I probably saw the same twitch stream and he intentionally tried to get a crash and succeeded after maxing everything more or less. What was promising from the stream was the fact that he was showing realtime VAS usage and you could see V3 purging memory along the way. He was running an I5 @ at 3.5Ghz and his framerate was around 5fps when he got it to crash at max settings. In real flight you would not be maxing the settings like he did on that hardware.

In essence, yes you can get OOMs in V3 but in reality you probably wont get them as often as we used to. 

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It will only get better gentlemen.


They are already working on 3.1.


Report all problems to LM at http://www.prepar3d.com

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