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Concorde X parking brake not recognized by P3D

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When I set the parking brake in the Concorde X, the lever in the cockpit responds and is set to park, I can do this with a controller through FSUIPC, by keyboard shortcut in P3D, or by mouse in the cockpit, but the red flag/label in the lower left corner of the screen, with which P3D indicates the parking brakes are engaged, doesnt show. And when I want to align the INS, I get a message saying that the parking brakes have to be engaged to align INS.

So it seems that P3D doesnt recognize the engaged parking brake in the cockpit, preventing me from using other systems.


Anyone knows what the problem might be and how to fix this?


I'm using Concorde X v1.31, with P3D v3.1, under Win10 64-bit

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I would send a bug report to the developers of Concorde X so they can fix this anomaly in future updates.


Best regards,

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does the brake gauge show that it has hydraulic pressure? 


i don't have the manuals with me here at work, so i'm not 100% certain of all the necessary steps, but i believe you need to make sure you have ground power (request it from the menu), enable it from the electric panel, and switch the electric hydraulic pumps on (shift+ctrl-6 page maybe??)  


i think if you load from the cold and dark panel state it will come with the brakes turned on already, but if you toggle them off they won't re-enable until you have those systems set



-andy crosby

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Yep, had the same problem, it's not actually a bug... you have to enable hydraulic pump while using the ground power.


I had this same problem and posted it over on the Flightsimlabs boards, if you search my name over there (be77solo) there were many helpful replies with pictures of what switch to find.


I recall it was on engineers panel near where the brake fan switch is located, but they posted a pic in that thread.


The tutorial is confusing in this regard and doesn't address this.

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The engineer's brake control panel, indeed (top left). Almost at the top are 2 on/off switches and the left one, for ground hydraulics, has to be switched on.


Thanks for the help, guys! :)

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