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Why was the Crash Modelling topic closed so soon?

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Jim Young kindly granted that I could raise this question as a separate post..

(Note that I didn't want to reply to Bill's earlier comment as it would put that other thread off topic).


Anywayz.  I was wondering why the excellent Crash Modelling topic started by WebMax got closed down so soon despite it only being opened for 3 days...yet the American Truck Simulator topic is still open despite it being started nearly three weeks ago..


Bill has already responded to my question by saying:


The "crash modeling" topic was closed because it was stuck in a Moebius Loop. Since each position has been expounded upon many times, ad infinitum, ad nauseaum, no consensus is likely ever to occur.


Thanks Bill, but I disagree that the topic was stuck in a loop. There was a genuine and lively debate going on -including a discussion between Devon and YtZpilot in which Devon pointed out that AeroFly FS includes Cessna planes with crash modelling.

YtZpilot then responded by more or less saying -okay then but Boeing wouldn't allow that.

I then did some research, and after quite some time I was about to post a response to YtZpilot's comment, only to find the thread was locked!!


You also said Bill that 'no consensus is likely ever to occur' on that thread. But as you rightly mentioned, the Hangar forum is a casual chat forum..where almost any topic goes. 

I wasn't aware that such chat topics get shut down if no consensus occurred...certainly not in just 3 days anyway (it hardly gives time for people out of town etc. to catch the debate).


Is the Truck Simulator topic in danger of not reaching a 'consensus'? or am I missing something?


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My guess is, someone got their nose out of joint and complained.


No one makes anyone read a thread if they don't like it, why punish the ones who are enjoying it?

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I did not suggest starting a new topic about the same subject (crash modelling).  You were upset the topic was locked and wanted it unlocked.  I said I would not unlock a topic closed by one of our volunteer moderators.  That's their decision and I will not contravene.  I did suggest you start a new topic if there was a question you still had not seen discussed in the crash modelling topic. I apologize if I was not clear.  I will not allow you to publicly question the decision of our volunteer moderators as that is a clear violation of the AVSIM Terms of Service. 


Like Christopher said above, crash modelling is a touchy subject and totally agree. 


For these reasons, this topic is closed.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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