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API.dll CTD on "Show Desktop" with FSX SP2/DX10/dxgi.dll

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Desperately need some help on this one.  I usually keep my FSX SP2 installation as neat and tidy as I can (fewest tweaks required to remain stable and look good), and I've been pulling my hair out the last week.


I was a fan of SweetFX previously and am trying to use it in my install of FSX SP2 with DX10 (Steve's Fixer). I've had DX10 working very stable along with Using ReShade 1.1.0/SweetFX 2.0.7 using the d3d9.dll module.  Very balanced settings so I rarely come within 1 GB of 4 GB of VAS usage (except maybe right on landing rollout) and hold 24-30 FPS in almost all scenarios. 


I'm trying to get FSL's Concorde X v1.31 working on my system (latest version crashes with FSX_ConcX.dllt to desktop when I exercise certain panel lights).  One bit of troubleshooting they've told me is that I require the dxgi.dll module for SweetFX/DX10 for their product instead of using d3d9.dll.


While installing dxgi.dll instead of d3d9.dll, everything loads and looks fine, but I get an instant CTD (API.dll) when clicking "show desktop" on the task bar on Windows 7 (or pushing Window+D). Clicking minimize on the FSX top window bar seems to work fine.  I've nuked and rebuilt my fsx.cfg as well as Nvidia Inspector settings.  Even systematically disabled line items in dll.xml and exe.xml to try and isolate it to no avail.  So I'm truly at a loss.  Reverting to d3d9.dll for ReShade/SweetFX solves the problem, but of course makes Concorde X unusable.  Even tried replacing API.dll with the one from a backed-up/base FSX install, with no effect.

Any help or advice would be appreciated. I've never seen a CTD solely as the result of pushing "show desktop."  Thanks.




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My advice would be to delete all ReShade and SweetFX files from your sim and re-download again from the ReShade site and then set it up using the ReShade GUI it will add the proper files to your sim if you're using DX9 use the DX9 option if using DX10 use that option.

I had a similar issue with the API.dll and this has worked for me ( I also use DX10 )


Hope this helps :)

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I really do not think this is the proper forum.  Trying to use SweetFX in DX10 Preview is possible - as some others have done it but I heard it is very difficult.  AVSIM has a SweetFX forum where you might find a preset that works for you.  I think there were many discussions about SweetFX in the DX10 Forum here too. 


It appears the cause of the API.dll crashing is SweetFX.  The api.dll is used to run FSX properly. 


Never heard of getting a CTD when you select 'show desktop' but almost sure it is because you are using an older version of the API.dll, or have parts and pieces of the SweetFX hack installed which is making it difficult for FSX to work properly. 


Please do not discuss SweetFX issues in this forum.  Go to our SweetFX forum.  Thanks.


Best regards,

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