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Hey guys,


Just had a chance to check out VOXATC last Saturday.  Did the example VRF flight and once I tinkered around with setting and what not it worked as expected.


However, I have a few remaining issues that perhaps you can help me resolve.


1) I can't seem to load a flight plan to the Flight Plan Training window.  I get a generic .NET unhandled exception crash.


2) VOX did not add the gauge to my Aerosoft Beaver X, it did not appear in the list of planes either.


3) ATIS/ASOS read back is very choppy.  It's fine with other comms.


4) I did a quick flight plan from and uncontrolled airport (KUAO - Aurora State, Oregon) to a tower controlled airport (KSLE - McNary, Salem Oregon) just 40 miles away.

   - VOX didn't' tell me to tune to the ASOS frequency at KUAO.  When manually tuned, VOX told me to go back to the UNICOMM frequency and ask for airport information which I got but was nearly impossible to understand (see #3)

  - UNICOMM out of KUAO was fine (kind of confusing since everyone had the same voice; definitely need to install some more)

  - after getting in the air a little way from KUAO, VOX told me to switch to the frequency of Utopia.  I have no idea who/what that is.  Looking at SkyVector, it's in Texas, not Oregon

  - once I broke KSLE airspace, I was never instructed to contact the tower.  Switch to the tower frequency did nothing i.e. no comms.


Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Kent, I'm not sure how much you've already figured out. #1. Regarding the training window, VOXATC comes with training scenarios you can load and listen to to get a feel for how the program works.#2  I'm not sure why your Beaver X wasn't recognized. You do have to run the indexer almost every time you add anything to your sim. Especially new planes. If the Beaver was added after VOXATC that could be one reason why it wouldn't show up. #3 If you do not disable or turn the volume way down on the default FSX (or P3d) voices you will hear both when tuned to ATIS, this can be distracting and annoying. You must have a flight plan loaded in order for VOXATC to work properly. If you don't use expert mode (which, if your not sure what Utopia is, you should not) VOXATC will cue you on which frequencies to turn to, and it will prompt you on what to say. Utopia is a generic Flight Service Station (FSS). You contact them to open and close flight plans. Certain airports have FSS named after nearby cities. Examples are Green Bay, Fort Dodge, Kankakee, etc. If you have a flight plan loaded, fly toward a towered airport, tune to the airport at 20 to 15 miles out, VOXATC will instruct you to tune to and listen to ATIS. After that it will tell you to tune to the tower.  Hope this helps.

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To seperate cockpit and ATC sound, you need two sound cards.

No, more accurately you just need to set your sound device's outputs to the correct speakers/headphones :)

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Thanks for the reply's guys.  I had kind of given up on a response the mean time, I've resolved most of my issues.


1) still a problem, if I try to load a flight plan, the app crashes.  not a big deal.

2) turns out for the Vox panel to be installed, the aircraft MUST have a 2D panel which the aerosoft beaver does not.  So, I imported the 2D panel from the default beaver and now have my VoxATC panel in place.

3) Yes, turning off all the other voices helped a ton.  I also set priority and the core Vox was running on and things work as expected now.

4) figured out as Mad_Mac stated that utopia is generic FSS. Item three also resolved the other issues with this short test flight.


As Kevin stated output to headphones from Vox is just a setting; multiple sound cards not required.


So, overall I have things working pretty well.  I've added some VoxPOP voices

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