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So many problems with P3D v3.2 & add ons, could use help

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For a few years, I had FSX running on my system and it ran fine with add on aircraft, scenery, EFB, V-Pilot, ASN,


This year I bit the bullet and purchased P3D v 3.1, then started adding scenery (FTX Global, FSDT & FlightBeam)and aircraft (PMDG, Aerosoft Airbus, MJC D8Q400).  While the shadows and stuff seemed nice (and the clouds are outstanding!), I had problems with some add ons not working well (namely AivlaSoft EFB) then I purchased My Traffic 6.0 and it seemed to get worse. Uninstall EFB and MT 6.0. 


After uninstall, still had app hangs, so did a full uninstall and reinstall of P3D.  I rebuilt/ reinstalled the add ons one by one.  Seems to work well until I started getting the PMDG "click the panel" crash after about 4 hours in the NGX.


Uninstall P3D again and PMDG (this has been more than once).


Then v3.2 came out, so full uninstall of 3.1 and full install of 3.2.  I added scenery again one by one, then PMDG, D8Q400, finally My Traffic 6.0a.


Dash 8 lasts 5 minutes in a flight then crashes.  PMDG lasts 20-30 minutes in a flight then crashes. (these appear to be app hang .dll errors and video driver crash).  This is now starting to crash the video driver when it is running other games.


I had done a full uninstall of FSX after my 2nd install of P3D v3.1 (because P3D it was working at that time). 


I thought I could just reinstall FSX but then I had to delete registry entries to FSX because I could not do an install of FSX.  Don't know if it will install or not since cleaning the registry, and I have restored a prior registry clean from my backup.


So now the dilemma.  Ditch P3D and go back to FSX, or keep trying to make P3D play nice and not crash.


I have tried to rebuild the .dll files using Microsoft's sfc.  I have installed the latest Windows 7 updates.  I have uninstalled an older nVidia driver and now run 353.62 (driver only install without the 3D vision or GeForce stuff).


So now that I am back to square one.  Ditch P3D and go back to FSX?  Re install both?  Reinstall Windows 7?  Upgrade to Win 10?


I am not fluent is computer speak, so something like Poppet's guides are very helpful for me (screen shots of what to do). I have lots of app crash viewer logs, if needed.


System is 4790K (stock clock) GTX 770, 8GB RAM, Win 7 Pro.


If anyone has some constructive help I would really appreciate it.  Thank you so much in advance.


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Something very odd is happening there.  I just wonder if something in your Windows is corrupt and you need to do a full system install.  Obviously extremely painful but may be worth it to finally fix all of your trust me half of the stuff on you computer you don't need or don't use anymore so think of it as a good spring house cleaning.

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If it's crashing with other games, it could be that your video card is going bad. I've seen this before where errors and crashing start to happen slowly, then get worse. It was a bad video card.


If you think it might be that, you may want to try taking out the card and using the motherboard's built in video card(if you have one). It would be terrible with P3D but you may be able to see if it still crashes.

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Without much to say, I can tell you that the best thing you can do is to reinstall your operating system, update all drivers, then install PD3 V3.2. test and see if all works fine. If so proceed in installing your addons one by one and testing to see if anyone gives an error. If anyone givers error, stop and resolve that error.

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Well it appears the video card was failing, which was causing a the vast majority of the problems.  Replaced it with a GTX 970 and so far it seems to be running without crashing.

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