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P3D Hardware Upgrade

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I consider upgrading some components of my PC in order to get more frames in P3D v3.


My PC System:


i7 4770K @ 4,3Ghz

GTX 770 OC

Screen Resolution: 1680 x 1050

DDR3 1366

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit


Is it worth upgrading my Graphic Card (GTX 970/980/980TI)?

Or is it better to upgrade my Mainboard in order to use the i7 6700k and DDR4 3000+ Ram.


Which component(s) should I upgrade?


Thanks in advance



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I'd say,

I. if you are single, And independently wealthy...screw it....hire a consultant.

II. If a $Buck-eighty won't hurt for longer than your enjoyment of it... go for it...upgrade BOTH.

A.If not independently wealthy, you gotta consider;

1.maxing your 770, it's gonna cost you $500-$800...maxing your 4770...$800-$1000 MOBO, CPU, Ram....

a. I'd say your MOBO/CPU/RAM will have longer lasting effect

2. I'll bet GeForce 98x will drop with spring..and used 98x(s) may well be lots more affordable.


III.IF NOT Single and not independently wealthy;

A.. how much discretionary cash you got in yer pocket vs;

1. Consider the the incipient shegrief at home or;

B.the guilt of self indulgence, or;

1. Fair play-you get to play with $1000-$2000;

2. So does she. Or;

3. Buy that couch she's wanted for so long...and;

4. Move your sliders to the left.



See how simple things are?




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Is there a huge Fps Difference between the Gtx 980 and 970. The Gtx 970 is cheaper (350$) than the 980 (>450$). I watched some YouTube Videos showing the fps using a Gtx 980/970. There was a difference around 20 FPS.


But does anyone know the Fps difference between These two cards in P3d?

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Went from a 770 to a Titan X, smooth as silk.  Make sure your PSU has enough power.  I purchased a 1200 Watt some time ago anticipating the move up.

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