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AFCAD mystery

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When I start up a flight at ESGP, selecting a runway, the start position is wrong, I am not on the runway, but off to one side (same with all four of them). AFCAD2 shows only a default bgl file for this airport, and indicates with a red cross that I am on the correct runway, in the correct start position (which, as I say, I am not in FS9).


I'd assume that there is another AFCAD file, but neither AFCAD2 nor ADE9x will not open any of the bgl files in the ESGP scenery folder, saying none of them are in the correct format (and so presumably are not AFCAD files).


ScanAFD finds no AFCADs for ESGP at all.


And yet the runway on which I am sitting disappears if I disable the ESGP entry in the scenery library and restart FS9, so the AFCAD/runway data must be in there somewhere.


How do I identify the bgl file that is creating the runways and parking here? Is it possible to have an AFCAD that the above programmes don't recognise?



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The default FS9 AFCAD file for ESGP is in the ....\scenery\eurw\scenery\AP951110.BGL file and FS9 aligns perfectly on the runway using the stock version of the airport.  However, your post seems to suggest that you might be using a third party version of this airport in which case which developer?


Just as a matter of interest I do quite a bit of flying in Sweden.



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I noticed that you inquired about Swedeflight's AFCADs (I don't believe they have a plain AFCAD, but rather it's a complete scenery).  Might you have installed this, or another AFCAD or scenery and this be culprit?  The scenery is available here.  Note please:  You don't have to ask people to upload any freeware scenery, it can pretty much be found via Google.


Just a kind word of advice as you start with AFCADs and/or Scenery, one has to be careful to keep them straight and only to have one loaded at a time.


Best wishes.

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Thanks or the replies.


A few comments:


1. Sorry, I probably didn't make it clear, I have the (freeware) Swedflight scenery installed, but there is no AFCAD that comes with the download. I assume there was one with the payware scenery (or else how would it have worked, given the layout is different from the FS9 airport?), but the default bgl file does not fit the parking and runways. I have, as I commented, created a few from scratch, and they work, but it takes a long time of course to create new runways, taxiways, apron links etc. etc. that perfectly match the scenery.

2. Yes, I know about only having one AFCAD (with rare exceptions) per scenery. As I say, I assume there must be an AFCAD somewhere in my FS9 setup for ESGP, (apart from the default), which is creating the changed runways and parking in places, but I can't find it (hence the post).

3. I asked people to upload the Swedflight AFCADs as they are not easily found on Google. Your link Dave leads to a page with one (FSX rather than FS9 as well) Swedish scenery, ESSA. AFCADs I have found by Googling are not for Swedflight airports and do not work - I've already tried as many as I could find.


(I do have a number of AFCADs which do seem to work with Swedflight airports, I can upload these myself maybe at some stage; just trying to locate the few missing ones).



LATER: Ok, I decompiled the file called ESGP.bgl and although it's not an AFCAD and not recognised as such by AFCAD2, it contains all the runway data. So if I want an AFCAD for ESGP, seems as if I'll have to make one myself...

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