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Rex Texture Direct Install Structure

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Rex Texture Direct:  Version 4.6.20160325              Prepar3D V3.2.3 


Default Install Location:  C:\Rex Texture Direct.

Notes:  Never Install into your Prepar3D folder.   


Registry Key locations:   

HKEY_CURRENT_USER  Software ► Rex Game Studios.

HKEY_USERS  S-1-5-21 ► Software  ► Rex Game Studios.



Folder Location's that are Modified,  ShadersHLSL,  Textures,   Effects\Textures,  Scenery\World\Texture,  Scenery\Global\Texture,  Sound 

When I Tick the Box..........

Cloud Sizing algorithm:  Will Modify the Cloud.fx Entry in your ShadersHLSL folder.  Default Prepar3D Value:  GetScreenQuadPositions   (quad, width*0.5, height*0.5);


                                                                                                                                                                                                            Medium:  (quad, width*0.59, height*0.59);


                                                                                                                                                                                                                Large:  (quad, width*0.69, height*0.69);               



When I Inject...............

High\Mid-Level Clouds: 32 Bit: DirectX: Path=Texture. Will Modify 15 files named similar to cirrus_xxxx.bmp files. Default 342/1,366 KB  to 5,462\21,846 KB.   Ultra 5,462 KB.  Date 06\2014 
                                                DXT:              ""                                             ""                                                ""                               1,366 KB Ultra.  1,366 KB Medium
Low-Level Clouds          32 Bit: DirectX:  Enabled:  Path=Texture.  Will Modify the cumulus01.bmp file,  From a Default 86 KB to 87,382 KB Ultra.  5,462 Medium.  Date 07\2013
                                                DXT               ""                                          ""                               ""                                                    21,846 KB Ultra.  1,366 KB Medium. 
Lighting & effects:         Path=Effects\Textures.   Will Modify the fx_lightning1.bmp file and the fx_flash.bmp file.  Default 43\11 KB.   Now 1,366 KB each.  Date 09\2013  
Sky Colours:  
Sky Dawn:   Path=Texture.  Will modify 20 files Sky_predawnx_x.bmp.   10 files Sky_dawn_x.bmp Date    20 files Sky_postdawnx_x.bmp        Default 5 KB.  N\C
Sky Day:      Path=Texture.  Will modify 10 files called Sky_afternoon_x.bmp.  10 files Sky_morning_x.bmp.   10 files sky_noon_x.bmp             Default 5 KB.  N\C
Sky dusk:     Path=Texture.  Will modify 20 files called Sky_postsunsetx_x.bmp.   20 files sky_presunsetx_x.bmp.  10 files sky_sunset_x.bmp  Default 5 KB.  N\C
Sun Effects  DX11 
Sun Effects  Path=Texture. The following files will be modified sun.bmp, 3 x flarex.bmp files, 2 x sunglow.bmp files and corona1.bmp.    
3 extra files will be Injected into this folder. Sunglow2.bmp + +  It will add 3 Entries to your suneffects.cfg in ProgramData  1 x Texture=""  and  2 x Texture="" both of these Entries are of different size and Intensity.  
Wave animation:  Path=Textures.  6 "" files will be modified.  Default 171 KB each.  DXT1  + DX11  683 KB each.   32_Bit + DX11 2.4xx   5,462 KB each 
Global Water:       Path=Scenery\World\Texture.  Will Modify up to 180 files called something Similar to 3xxb2xxx.bmp files.  Default 683 KB. N\C
Airport Lightning:   Path=Texture. The halo.bmp file will be modified.  Default 342 KB.  N\C.  Date: 2013  
Airport Signage:     Path=Texture. The aptsign.bmp will be modified.  Default 171 KB. Now 683 KB.  Date: 2013  
Jetway Marks:         Path=Scenery\Global\Texture.  AIR_jetway2.DDS and will be modified.  Default 342 KB.  Now 5,462 KB.  Date: 2013 
Parking Marks:        Path=Texture. will be modified.  Default 1,366 KB to 5,462 KB.  Date 2009 
Surface Reflection: Path=Texture.  runway_bump.bmp will be modified.  Default 86 KB,  N\C.  Date: 2013  
Terrain Bumpmap:  Path=Scenery\world\texture.   detail1.bmp will be modified.  Default 11 KB  Now 683 KB.   Set02 + Set03   2,731 KB.  Date 2013  
Runway & Taxiway 
Asphalt Runway:   Path=Texture.  Will modify 3  files,  Default  683 KB each.  Medium N\C.  Ultra 10,923 KB each. Date 10\2013    
Concrete Runway: Path=Texture  Will modify the following files,  Default  683 KB each. Medium N\C.  Ultra 10,923 KB each. Date 10\2013
Runway Detail:       Path=Texture  Will modify 2 files, runway_detail.bmp  runway_detail02.bmp.  Default 23 KB each.  Now 1,367 KB each. Date: 09\2013 
Runway Marks:       Path=Texture   Will modify the file,  Default 22 KB.  Now 1,366 KB.  Date 10\2013  
Asphalt Taxiway:     Path=Texture    Will modify the file  Default 683 KB. Medium N\C.  Ultra setting  2,731 KB.  Date 10\2013  
Concrete Taxiway:  Path=Texture    Will modify the file,  Default 683 KB. Medium N\C.  Ultra 2731 KB.  Date 08\2013 
Taxiway Detail:        Path=Texture   Will modify the following files,  taxiway_detail.bmp  taxiway_detail02.bmp.  Default 23 KB.  Now 1,367 KB.   Set01 10,923 KB  Date: 2013 
Taxiway Marks:        Path=Texture    Will modify the file,  Default 342 KB.  Now 1,366 KB.  Date: 2013 
Precipitation:   Path=Sound\precip.    Will modify 8  cxprecx.wav files and 8 xprecgx.wav files.  Default Bit Rate 705kbs.  Now 1411kbs.  Date 2011  
Thunder:          Path=Sound\Thunder.  Will modify 30  cxthunxx.wav and 15 xthunxx.wav files.  Default Bit Rate 352kbs.  Now 1411kbs.  Date  2011 
Wind:                Path=Sound.  Will modify the following files  wind_general.wav,  wind_opencanopy,  wind_opencockpit,   wind3.wav.  Default Bit Rate 705.  Now 1411kbps.  Date 2012. 
Edited by Elaine Dixon
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WOW ! Thanks a lot ! I was looking for something like this..  Now we know what files are replaced by Rex4 if we need to change something..


Thanks !



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Behold the research!  Thank you!  We need the ability to 'bookmark' a topic on the forum.

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