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Steam CTD on Startup

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Hello all,


Small problem here but hope someone can help.


I have just downloaded FSX-SE (five days total to download - Indonesian Internet .... power fails .... internet speed) went into set up, which was automatic and great by the way, I got two 1005 errors and a 1012 (all in scenery config) but loaded the game anyway.  I got the first splash screen, hit ok and CTD INSTANTLY.  Hmmm .... even FSX allowed me to configure my settings etc before the CTD


I set it aside and tried again this morning to get exactly the same result.  So to the Steam forums ... I subscribed .... only to be advised that I had to set up my profile before I could submit a topic.  I may be old and cranky but I want to fly and to get help .... not necessarily in that order, and I do not want to set up a profile until I can do so.


To top it all of I find I have used 13 minutes of my playing time (I believe I have two hours allocated to try the game)  Experiencing the CTDs is not (in my opinion anyway) trying the game.  Each fresh installation of FS9 takes me more than two hours by the way


I am very much aware that there are many very happy DTG followers and at the moment I can only envy them.  


Here follows my system specs


Motherboard ASUS P8Z77-V lx (LGA1155)

CPU  Intel core i7 2600k (not overclocked)

RAM 20gb 1600Mhz Sandy Bridge

Graphics 2 x ATI Radeon R9-290 4gb Not sli

Monitors 1 x 40inch 1080p LED TV 

               1 x 60inch 1080p LED TV

                2 x 32inch 1080p LED TV 

                1 x 22inch Seasonic Monitor 1920 x 1080

                1 x 24inch Dell Monitor 1920 x 1200

PSU         1200watt

OS Win7 64bit Ultimate and Win10 (dual installation)


I know that, more than 2 monitors creates a huge problem with FSX, P3D Xplane10 (I speak from experience ... I have got them and tried them all) and, more than likely FSX-SE, so I used only one monitor ... the 60 inch LED to try the set up.


I feel that I have a problem with the download and really do not want to go through that again if avoidable.  The 2 x 1005 and 1 x 1012 errors worry me too


Have got that tirade off my puny chest can anyone help me with this?


In good faith


Tony Chilcott

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Have got that tirade off my puny chest can anyone help me with this?


Check the AVSIM CTD Guide (see link in my signature).  You need to show a Crash Report or an Event that will show us or give us a clue as to why your sim crashed.  You have a lot of monitors.  For FSX-SE to figure out that setup might be the issue.  Like all the monitors in your Avatar.  Looks like you have a nice setup!  Hopefully you can get this CTD fixed and enjoy it soon.


Best regards,

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Jim and Muhamad,


Thank you for your replies.


I have not as yet followed up on these responses and I am off to OZ tomorrow for approximately a month and will be unable to do anything until I return.  


Please rest assured that I will be following up on this advice for both Steam and P3D which are both doing much the same thing.


Thanks again and I will let you know how I get on with this problem 




Tony Chilcott

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