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Changing over?

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I am long-time user of FSX with DX10 fixer.  I get super resolution, no problems.


I am interested in making the BIG change to Prepard3d.  Will there be a significant change to my flight environment?


So, once I purchase the Prepard3d software, please give me an idea of the order for installing it and uninstalling FSX.


Also, once Prepard3d is installed, do I just load my must-have software:  REX, Opus, PMDG, RC4?


Is GEX and UTX used in Prepard3d or not necessary?


Thanks for any help on the BIG switch.



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Welcome to P3D Zach - 


Your system looks capable of getting good results in P3D - how you see those differences is really dependent on how you setup P3D. 

1) Do NOT apply all the FSX tweaks to P3d - they are either not needed or already implemented.

2) you can run FSX and P3D side by side if you have the disk space - they do not conflict.

3) I use GEX and UTX in P3D with great results.

4) I suggest you install P3D outside of the default ProgramFiles(x86) folder - install into it's own folder and/or drive if possible.


HOWEVER - on many products you will have to get the dedicated installer for p3d (if available) or purchase the p3d version. Check with your add on developer.


Even though some have had success using 3rd party tools to migrate FSX versions to P3D, I strongly caution against this as it can cause serious issues with some systems.



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Totally agree with the above.

Try staying away from tweaks, I have abandoned them with great success.

I might add that the freeware "FreeMesh" available is far better than the FS Global 2008 that you are running.


The one annoying difference still left between FSX and P3D is that FSX handles shimmering a lot better than P3D.

I must be more fortunate than most in that area. I have no need of running SGSS to combat it.


From habit, I catch myself thinking I might reinstall FSX, but then happily decide "what's the point?"

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PMDG J41 is not compatible with P3D.

PMDG 737 NGX is not compatible either, but there is a P3D version of it which is.

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I'd say keep in mind due to licensing issues some 3rd party devs require a separate purchase to use their AC in P3D.  As mentioned above the FSX version of the NGX will not work, you will need to repurchase the P3D version.

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