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"Jet-Way" Flight sim

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Anybody seen this Kickstarter for a new flight sim?


Making a new flight sim for 8000$? Huge companies with huge teams of people with huge budgets are struggling make a modern flight sim. There are airplanes for FSX/P3D that are taking years to develop. I don't know, I'm highly suspicious of this Kickstarter campaign since the delivery date is set to February 2017 which is basically in a few months time and they are even using stock photos in the description.. What do you guys think, is this just a case of highly ambitious (and probably a bit delusional) group of people or is it a scam?

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I have given a few bucks to a few kickstarting ventures over the years. Mostly for inexpensive items, with money I am willing to risk, but this seems so far-fetched, I just have to shake my head.


If $8,000 is the amount of money stopping him from fulfill his dreams to get a flight sim "off the ground", I am willing to bet even if he raises three times that amount, it will fail.

Eight thousand dollars is a nice sum of money, but it's really not so much that he and his delevoper friends couldn't get a part time job for a year, and use that money to develop a working demo to show us to get us to invest money with them.


If he truly will be able to demo a "A380", and an airport, in about four months, why doesn't he wait to show us what he has before asking for money?


If he could show us the "goods", I am very sure he would have a lot of us flooding his project with money. But not now.


I worry when he doesn't name who his developer friends are, and which BIG name flight sims they have helped and developed for. He didn't even bother to post many pics of what he has developed on this site or even his facebook page. For a flight simmer, he facebook page has nothing i can see about flight sims or planes, etc.


I think he's a dreamer. Good for him. lol. Dream big...I wish him luck, but not dimes. Even dreamers with good intent can waste your money as badly as evil scammers...


Just my thinking on this.



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I wouldn't trust this as far as I could throw a 1945 Packard...

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