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Product Confusion

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I'm new to FS2Crew.   I've looked at the retail website, clicked on the product icons etc etc but can't find any detailed definitive description of exactly what these products do nor any comparison between the products.   I'm a little taken back by the retail's website structure that seems to assume that every customer already knows the product and has already made his purchase decision.


Of the products listed below, how am I to know which to purchase?


FS2Crew: PMDG 737 NGX Reboot (Voice and Button Control)

FS2Crew: PMDG 737 NGX Reboot Captain's Set

FS2Crew: NGX Reboot Global FO Voice Set


I'm assuming the first on the list is the base product and the others are add-ons but this is much too much money to just assume and I can't find any place where this is explained.


(Sorry for the tone of frustration but this is kind of where I am right now.  My frustration is driven by a seeming general attitude throughout the hobby that everyone already knows everything.  (At 66 years old I am no longer the sharpest tool in the shed  :smile:...for you young whipper snappers who are at the top of your game...wait, your time is coming).

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Hi Ronnie,


99 percent of our user base are repeat customers, so they know the system.


But no worries, I'll try to explain.


Captain's Set is the exact same thing as the other one (Voice and Button), except it also includes the unlocked version of RAAS.


RAAS is the only difference.


The 737 Global FO voice set is is an addon for either of the other two, and it adds more FO voices to the simulation.



Clear as mud?



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Hi Bryan,

I think that Ronnie has made a very valid point, not just about FS2Crew, but the whole of the simulation world.



As a simmer with decades of experience, I get quite tired of reading material that already assumes you know about the product, but just want to read some razzamatazz marketing hype.


If we were to think more about what newbies might think about our announcements, then we may find that there have been people put off by it and not buying the products because they are just darned confused.


FS2Crew, in my experience, is far from being the worst offender in this regard. But could other developers reading this plea just ask themselves whether others might not understand what they are talking about?


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Thanks for the replies.  This definitely helps. 


I can understand that it takes an investment in time to provide content for "newbees".  But for a retail website where you are actually trying to make a profit, it does seem like it would be time well invested and it just makes good business sense to fully describe your products.  There aren't many businesses who could get by without a full product description on their sites.


Thanks again.

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I know what you're saying.


But if anyone has any questions, we have Facebook, Support Tickets and the Forum.


So if anyone has any doubts, we're easy to reach.



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